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Thread: Jackson Farmers Market

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    Yep.....I restarted my entire garden by stopping by the farmers market. 1 stop shopping, how cool is that?
    King of the Caprines, Boss of the Bovids.

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    You might not see too many of us there on a Monday

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    That is very cool Cg!

    What time you going to be there Vapor?

    When do you usually go Stoneage?

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    I can only make it on weekends, used to be there regularly on Saturdays but I've been working every Saturday lately.
    Every once in a while I get down on a Sunday when I'm off, which has not been to often lately. Not sure if the market will be open next Sun. due to the holiday. I believe I will get Sun & Mon off, so if it's open I'll be down Sunday/

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