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    The title pretty much says it all. If you treat others with compassion through listening, understanding, respecting the patient and their specific needs this program will work. Once we as caregivers stop listening, stop caring whether the patients needs are met then we have failed miserably and the program no longer works.

    We are members of a huge glorious group of diverse people. We need to honor each other as well as our patients. Working together is the key and when that is thrown to the wind patients suffer. It may not seem that way at first glance but the reality is quite different. If we attack each other or undermine each other where patients and other caregivers are witness to it then we have lost their faith in this program and our faith in each other.

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    This is an important sentiment (above) I do see your point about the importance of unity even among our all our differences somehow. an ideal easier said than done at times. so on that thought, making an effort be kind to all the best I can sounds like a good place to start today. i'm placing a post-it note to remember for tomorrow.

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    No it isn't easy that's for sure. Your a kind person Abe so I don't think this will take much effort on your part.

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    I agree true ambassadors of the movement

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