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Thread: A Grow Journal: Gage Green Genetics... BRIGHT MOMENTS

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    A Grow Journal: Gage Green Genetics... BRIGHT MOMENTS

    I have had my eye on this strain for quite some time now, following the test grows and grow journals. The effects of this med seem to be exactly what I need for my conditions. Finally I heard that the seeds would be released on 4-20 and I was ready. I have included some information and links to journals and pictures so you can see what this strain is all about. Here is a description of the strain and a picture from the Attitude.
    I guess I was not the only one waiting for this release as the seeds sold out almost instantly.

    Gage Green Seeds Bright Moments Grape Stomper x Grape Stomper OG Gage Green presents a new Grape Stomper hybrid that utilizes two heirloom parents. We combine our renown Grape Stomper (25.71% THC, 1.73% CBD) with a sturdy Grape Stomper OG #1 Male to maximize resin production and increase potency. As we have seen from his progeny, the Grape Stomper x OG #1 passes on the signature grape smells, pronounced resin glands, and a distinct sativa dominant head rush. The combined force of this power couple will create some exciting phenotypes, as we have found in our tests. Read the facinating report by SkunkMunkie , where he describes the effects as "mind clearing, upbeat and happy. Relaxing, warm and no feelings of anxiety or paranoia just peaceful meditation & bliss." This hybrid is perfect for those looking for an uplifting, sativa dominant experience with just enough indica to relax the body.Sex: Regular
    Type: Indica & Sativa (Mostly Sativa)

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    Starting the grow

    The link above will take you to the finished med log, however there is a link to the full grow journal with many nice pictures.

    Here is a picture of the seeds, which I have been waiting to get started on. The first grow will start with 3 seeds, grown organically in soil.

    Bright Moments 001.jpgGage_Green_BRIGHT-MOMENTS[1].jpg

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    I soaked the 3 seeds in water for 8 hours, then placed them between moist paper towel for 12 hours.
    I checked on them and all 3 had nice tails, so I planted them individually in 20 oz. containers using 50% Pro-Mix organic, 25% worm castings, and 25% General Organics Ancient Forest. Hopefully they will develop into nice strong seedlings using this mixture. I hope to post an update next weekend showing 3 healthy seedlings.

    Bright Moments 002.jpg

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    Wow your journal is awesome. I am going to keep an eye on this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by restlesslegs View Post
    Wow your journal is awesome. I am going to keep an eye on this thread.
    It's still kind of early, but I wanted to start at the beginning so everything will be as close to real time as possible.
    If I do anywhere near as good as this person did, I will be very happy.

    Of course I will be using my own grow methods, so the results could be very different. I'm hoping to get a couple females out of the three, but that remains to be seen : )
    There are many pictures of this variety posted in the above link. Take a look and you will see how beautiful this plant is.
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    I thought it was your journal from another grow. Oh lordy what a goof.

    I think you will have a cool journal your already on a great start. I get forgetful and don't take pictures and my journal is lack luster for sure nothing like what your doing. I'll be watching, this will be very interesting and a good learning experience.

    The plant is a gorgeous one.
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    I am hopeful that this journal does not meet the fate of the last one I did on another site. The forum went down, and a couple days later when it came back up...... No journal. : (
    The links to the above journal was a test grow before these seeds were even released to the public.
    It looks like they have a pretty special strain going on and I hope to do it justice. I will post a picture of the seedlings soon, all 3 are up already. Less than 48 hours from the time I dropped the seeds in water until they emerged from the soil. That is pretty amazing if you ask me.

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    were you considering making some f2 seeds? (if you'd call your starters f1s..., although they may not be).
    This strain sounds great!

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    I would certainly pollenate a couple branches if I end up with a male. I would think out of 11 seeds I will get at least one. Due to restrictive plant counts, popping more than 3 seeds at a time does not work well.

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