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Thread: A Grow Journal: Gage Green Genetics... BRIGHT MOMENTS

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    Here are a couple pic's that show the height difference in the plants. I'm hoping to get at least 2 females out of the bunch, but I would also like to get a male so some seeds can be produced.

    Bright Moments 010.jpg

    Bright Moments 011.jpg

    I hope you are enjoying the plants as much as I am. See you next week, it should be close to transplant time.

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    Those are some happy and healthy special grape stompers. lookin' great for how young they still are! thanks for this journal..

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    Update 06-24-12

    Except for the slight nute burn, the seedlings seem to be doing well. There is certainly a lot of difference in the growing characteristics, due to phenotype or sex, all else is equal, soil, light and nutrients are being kept the same. Here are a couple pictures showing the differences in the plants.

    Bright Moments 1_06-24-12.jpg

    Bright Moments 2_06-24-12.jpg

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    Due to the significant stretching in a couple of these plants, I removed the top growth with a tiny scalpel.
    This should reduce the stretching and force branching. This will more than likely be the only time these plants are topped, although I will probably end up tying some branches down to force more bud sites. The plants were also potted up to 2.5 quart pots today, although from the looks of the roots they could have easily gone two more weeks. Well, they have room to grow now, the next time I re pot them it will probably be into the buckets they will be flowered in. Hopefully next weekend I will be able to post some pics of some branches starting to form.

    2.5 pots.jpg

    Bright Moments Roots.jpg

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    Thank you for the update. I will be topping the Jillybean soon, suggested by Subcool for best growth, never thought of using a scalpel that is a great idea.

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    Topped & two weeks later

    Due to extreme stretching in two of the plants I decided to top all three of them. This stopped the stretching, and also slowed the growth, but I think the excessive heat is also causing growth problems.
    I think the original nute burn was caused by the seedling mix being a little too hot, but I did mix the nutes a bit Strong also. They have outgrown the burn, and the new growth looks good, if I can just get the temps down 10 degrees or so, all should be well. Here are some pics, I think there are at least two different pheno's due to the leaf structure, still hoping for 1 male & 2 females but I will take 3 females if I must.

    Plant "A"

    DSC A 006.jpg

    DSC A 007.jpg

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    Plant "C" Which is the real stretcher,

    DSC A 001.jpg

    DSC A 002.jpg
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    And plant "B" which was also stretching pretty good.

    DSC A 008.jpg

    DSC A 009.jpg

    That's all for now, let's hope for cooler weather.
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    7-23 Update

    The plants are still doing well, although I think plant B and plant C are going to be males. There is no positive indication of sex at this time, just a feeling. I think I will be transplanting them up to 8 quart pots next weekend and I will begin to tie them down a little bit. If I don't have a definate determination on sex within a week or so, I will take a cutting from each and put it in a flower room.
    I know a couple people who want males from this strain pretty badly, so it won't be all bad if I get a couple,
    but my preference would be one. I do have plenty of seeds left, so there should be some nice pheno's eventually. I took a few pictures this morning but some of them turned out pretty dark, I will try to do better next time.

    Plant A:

    7-23-12 002.jpg

    Plant B:

    7-23-12 005.jpg

    Plant C

    7-23-12 008.jpg
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