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Thread: A Grow Journal: Gage Green Genetics... BRIGHT MOMENTS

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    Very thorough smoke report and journal. Thanks for that. Looks like a really good medicinal strain keeper to me. You have done an awesome job with the grow. Please let us know if clones are going to be made available.
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    If any legitimate growers (legal) would like a clone, or seeds for that matter, (I have several hundred) just send me a pm.

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    Aptly named! Nice mellow laid back smiley stuff there

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    Quote Originally Posted by restlesslegs View Post
    Aptly named! Nice mellow laid back smiley stuff there
    Does that mean you like it?

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    LOL oh yea reminds me of Mr. Nice Guy, one of my favorites. No couchlock and nice pain relief, you've got a good one there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoneage View Post
    Time for a smoke report.
    Even though these meds are by no means cured, the smoothness and flavor are unparalleled. The taste is very fruity and flavorful with grape and peach coming to mind, also with hints of pear and chocolate mint when exhaling. The meds give a very clean and fresh feeling while smoking. Upon taking the first hit, the effects of the medication become evident immediately after exhaling, and build with intensity with each additional hit. The first noticeable effects are a calming relaxation, both mental and physical. In a short period of time, feelings of stress, depression and unhappiness melt away leaving the user with a positive mental outlook. The pain-killing abilities are quite significant, as my lower back pain was eliminated quickly. The meds leave the user clear headed with the ability to think calmly even if things are not going real well at the moment. The mental effects of the Sativa are intense, but nicely complemented with the Indica portion of this strain. The nervousness or paranoia associated with some Sativa strains is non existent, and the meds leave the user feeling happy, content and relaxed. Although these meds do not cause drowsiness, if the user is tired and ready to sleep, the relaxation caused by the meds certainly will act as an aid to a peaceful nights rest. The effects last a good 2.5 to 3 hours, and I believe the cannabinoid content to be very high, although I have not had the meds tested yet. I rate this strain very highly, as do the patients who have tried it so far. I highly recommend this strain as the medical qualities are quite significant.
    I concur with this report as I have sampled said medicine and it is top shelf. Nice work Stoneage

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    Emmm i will publish an image of the new plants soon, all 3 are up already. Less than 72 time from the time I decreased the plant seeds in standard water until they appeared from the ground. That is awesome if you ask me...
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