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Thread: Need grow help?? come on in. Capt kruzty has been there done that so ask away..

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    Need grow help?? come on in. Capt kruzty has been there done that so ask away..

    Welcome everyone and come on in. If you have a grow question then I can prolly answer it or atleast send you in the right direction. I've trained countess new growers over the past 25 yrs and screwed up more grows then you can shake a stick at. So,,, been there done that so ask away. Be glad to share what I know and hopefully save you a few dollars.
    Most of ya know me and know I love to yap growing about as much as fishing and I'm pretty good at both. If you have plant issues then pic's of the plant and effected leafs is a must. Keeping good records is always good to and the more info you can give me the more I can help.
    If your using foxfarm soils and nutes and have brown rusty spots then, hahahahaha CHANGE TO BETTER SHIT,LOL..... FF load salts up so bad it's the most asked question I get.
    Anyways thought a grow help thread was in order. If ya can help someone then jump on in and if ya need help, then don't be shy. We all have to start somewhere......

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    soon hopefully we will have a wiki for the site just for this type of stuff! still lookin over things

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    She seems to be happy, no down turned clawed leafs, no rust spots. Can't tell true color tho under the lights so is she nice and dark green or light green. If she is pale green then feed her more N. I keep my veg girls dark waxy green at all times. First sign of to much N is the leaf tips will curl down like a claw. When that happens just give water next time .
    I just had to tear apart my 60 site aero cloner as I seems to be having issues. Prolly cuz I've not changed water out in 2 months and she has not stopped running for close to a year now. I'm adding a new 1000gph pump today too and scrub'n the whole 9 yards. I run a 10 day rotational grow so cloner never stops cloning. I killed a few off this last set so something is not good as my cloner is 100% always. Well it was anyways lol.......
    But Vap from what I can see from the pic she looks happy,let her rip.......

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    krusty, run that cloner with some bleach water in her for a hour or so.. bad bacteria is whats going on in there.. I have a areo cloner and run it full time, mine needs cleaned every so often because she just stops rooting off clones. They get that soft half rotted stem u know its time to clean her out.

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    Ya its called "Damping off". Nothing will root if this condition exists. Bleach as per Mr. Greens suggestion.

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    p.s. i build areo cloners by request.. ask tarzan about his..

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    Yep done scrubbed her out hahahaha. I build them too for folks or whom ever. They are just so cheap and easy to build it's not funny. I added a 1000gph pump but was running a 750 in it. But since I had that new pump sitting around I figured I'd slap it in the cloner. Better spray too so she's back up and running. Just put 10 16 inch clones in it and they are nice and perky as normal. Love doing monster clones as I do a 10 day rotation so dont have time to veg much.. I pull close to 3 zips per girl with sets of 10 every 10 days. Was doing alot more but had to down size some.

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    vapor, are you veging under a HPS? If so, you might have better luck getting a Ceramic Metal Halide. They will veg and flower very well. You can veg under a HPS, imo, it's just not the right spectrum for vegetative growth. Much better than using a shop light though.

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