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Thread: Longest most slowest way to dry/cure

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    Longest most slowest way to dry/cure

    I was just thinking a bit.... for those that have big yields during harvest... once the meds are drying .....I was thinking of finding a way to (pro-long) the drying stage... why may you ask? well to my knowledge when meds are in the Drying stages...i do not think (correct me if im wrong) it is considered (usable meds) so If in fact A John doe happens to get busted he /she should not be charged with being over the limit... I wonder if there is a way to Slow the entire dry process down? like snail slow... any ideas? think about it...if there is a way you could possibly have a numerous Large yields but they would be drying very slowly maybe a 3 months drying process? or something like that this way if you are a CG you will always have enough meds on hand. if needed.

    i wonder if its possible?

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    Oh man Vapor nooooooooooooooo way off base.

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    One could argue that it is unusable until cured. If you come up against a judge and prosecutor that disagree you could be in trouble. I don't think there has been any explicit court decisions, but I am not certain.

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    lol i dont plan on doing this hell no its risky biz i just wondered if it were all possible, and it also sheds light on a possible exploit that needs to be fixed , if in fact it is at all possible

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    Theoretically yes but potency of pot would be lowered. There are ways to dry it long term, curing it, but not to just hang it.

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    this is true cut when its jarred wouldnt that be considered usable? from what i gather aslong as its hanging that is considered "unusable"

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    Dry is what they are suppose to look at and some of it would be dry but doubt they would consider that too long and hard, lol they are should say some of them are out to get us. Any amount they would look at go uppp yep when it is dry it will be way over your limit regardless of what the actual weight would be once it is dry. I don't know of a way to make it dry that long, there might be, and have it not be susceptible to mold if it had enough humidity to keep it from being dry. JMO though

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    Reason for the thread is I was reading over the certain sheets and there is still a lot of loop holes that could be exploited and should be more clear to protect cgs and pts

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    There is and with the Bills coming in and then combined with the act it should be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by restlesslegs View Post
    There is and with the Bills coming in and then combined with the act it should be interesting.
    Would love to see what is in the works, it would allow us some time for reasonable input on them.
    The only way I can think of is to freeze the buds without any drying at all. In theory, the buds are not usable in a frozen state. And once thawed out would still require drying or risk mold destruction of the bud thus making them unusable period.
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