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Thread: Send a Message to Federal Legislature to Stop Attacking Medical Cannabis

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    Send a Message to Federal Legislature to Stop Attacking Medical Cannabis

    I got this from the Drug Policy Alliance. Seems like a worthy effort to stop funding federal attacks on medical cannabis.

    Convio: Site Found

    Dear xxxxx,

    The U.S. House of Representatives will be voting soon -- possibly today -- on an amendment that could finally end the federal assault on medical marijuana!

    We have no time to waste -- urge your representatives to end the attack on medical marijuana today.

    This amendment would prohibit the Drug Enforcement Administration and Department of Justice from spending taxpayer money to undermine state medical marijuana laws that allow patients to safely access their medicine.

    This promising legislation has a real chance of passing. That’s why we’re teaming up with our allies and launching a campaign to put pressure on Congress. We need as many people as possible to do the same in these final days leading up to the vote! Medical marijuana patients are counting on you to help protect them from these cruel federal attacks.

    Tell your representatives to support this amendment that will ban the federal government from using taxpayer money to shut down voter-approved medical marijuana programs!

    Over the past two years, federal prosecutors and police agencies have dramatically escalated their assault on medical marijuana. Legal medical marijuana dispensaries are being raided and threatened. Medical marijuana patients are needlessly suffering without their medicine. State laws are being trampled by the federal government.

    But now we have a real opportunity to stop the ruthless federal attacks on medical marijuana. If this legislation passes, it will hopefully end the medical marijuana raids and ensure that patients have safe access to their medicine.

    Join us and demand your representatives to end the federal assault on medical marijuana now.


    Bill Piper
    Director, Office of National Affairs
    Drug Policy Alliance


    The link takes you to a page with a form letter. It is a good response but I felt they may have already seen that so I composed a new front end. Feel free to cut and paste any of it into your message.


    Please help put an end to this ridiculous hypocrisy that is the war on marijuana users. Take a step back and take a fresh look at this issue...please!

    We are in the middle of a struggle to end prohibition. Whatever your beliefs on cannabis, please see the damage that our ever increasing punishments for drug users are doing to our society.

    The prohibition policy is said to be to protect the children, but how does the impoverishment and incarceration of a child's parent, help the kid? The policies are in essence, anti-family now.

    Just stop the lies and let's all see what the truth really is. Let science dig deep into the possibilities.

    Medical cannabis has such potential to help. Start educating the public and the children as to the differences between medical use of a product and recreational use. We don't say all pain medicine is bad. We teach that use of it when in pain is a good thing but abuse for a high can be a bad thing, especially for the young.

    The American people overwhelmingly support medical marijuana, at the level 77 percent, according to a November 2011 CBS News poll. Sixteen states plus the District of Columbia have already legalized marijuana for medical use.

    At a time when all levels of government are cutting valuable programs in the interest of a balanced budget, the federal government should not continue to waste tax dollars interfering in states that have created a regulated system for providing access to marijuana to patients with legitimate medical need. Please VOTE YES on the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-McClintock-Farr Amendment to ensure sick patients have legitimate access to the medicine they need.
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    Done, used yours with a bit of editing to add my own story to it. Lots more then anyone knows. Thank you

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    I received a generic email in reply:

    This message is to confirm that my office has received your e-mail. Listening to you and responding to your concerns is an essential part of my job as your Representative, and if appropriate, my office will respond to your message as soon as possible. If you have an urgent need, please contact my Grand Rapids office at (616) 451-8383.

    Please know that all messages are read and that I take into consideration the thoughts and concerns of everyone I represent.


    Justin Amash
    U.S. Representative
    Third District of Michigan

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    I read that this amendment failed. The attacks by the Feds will continue as Congress has sanctioned them. I let my rep know I wasn't happy with his vote.

    To: Congressman John D. Dingell

    Congressman Dingell,

    Please explain to me how you could override the wishes of over 3 million Michiganders. The citizens, which you claim to represent, have voted overwhelmingly to allow qualified patients to choose cannabis to treat a variety of diseases. I am sure that you were aware of that fact yet you voted to sanction further Federal attacks on the medical cannabis community.

    From my perspective, your vote is a classic example of the 1% ruling over the 99%. You were charged with acting in the best interests of our citizens and you failed miserably.

    If you would, please explain to me why you feel that you are no longer obligated to represent the will of the Michigan voters?

    Thank you.

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    It all falls to deaf ears. I was so certain when I watched and listened to all the touching stories when they spoke in Lansing that they would take heart and not vote the bills through. It was like nothing was said to them. There is something seriously wrong when the politicians stop listening to the people and can be so heartless.

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    I am becoming more and more convinced that this is a matter of letting the public know. Many politicians will point to some superficial aspect of a bill as to why they support it and will ignore the parts that will cause us pain, for example the photo on the card issue. The public has to see that the politicians are FULLY AWARE of the pain they are causing. They have to see that they are FULLY AWARE that they are completely overriding the people's initiative.

    We need more positive press. We need more light to shine on this. We have nothing but voting power and the politicians won't respect that until it appears they are losing votes over the issue. Public outrage over their deeds won't happen until the public knows the details.

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    Yes I've been saying that for months, the public as a whole, we can't fight this by ourselves. We all know that the "public" would be outraged if they really knew what is going on. I tried to get my local channel to pick up some of the news stories but they ignored me and don't return my phone calls but I am not giving up.

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    It is good that we can support each other as it is easy to get discouraged.

    So many of our sens and reps would support us in this fight and would put a whole different spin on this if we could afford to buy their votes, but we are basically a poor subset of the population.

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    sticked! members try to make use of the blogging tools Tweeting articles like this DIGG the articles the articles facebook thats the only way it will get wide spread

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    I got a reply from Congressman Dingell....

    June 25, 2012

    Dear xxxx :

    Thank you for writing me regarding the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-McClintock-Farr Amendment to H.R. 5326, the Commerce, Justice, and Scienc e Appropriations Act of 2013 . I appreciate hearing from you.

    As you may know, the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-McClintock-Farr Amendment was introduced on May 9 , 2012, by Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). This amendment would have prohibit ed the use of funds to be used to prevent states fr om implementing their own laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana. I opposed the Rohrabacher amendment which failed to pass through the House of Representatives by a recorded vote of 163-262. However, H.R. 5326 did pass the House, without my support, by a recorded vote of 247-163 on May 5, 2012.

    Eighteen states have enacted laws legalizing medical marijuana, including Michigan . In the past , I have supported efforts to allow states to implement such laws. While I continue to support Michigan's medical marijuana l aw, I voted against this amendment because I believe that it was written too broadly. Currently, in some states where laws have been enacted allowing medical marijuana, there are significant problems arising from these laws. I believe the Department of Justice should be able to intervene in states where the law regarding medicinal marijuana is not being implemented properly, and where this lapse in security can lead to the proliferation of criminal enterprise s . You can rest assured I will keep you comments in mind as I continue to monitor this situation.

    Again, thank you for being in touch. For news on current federal legislative issues, please visit my website at Representative John Dingell | Representing the 15th District of Michigan ; you can also sign up there to receive my e-newsletter. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me again if I may be of assistance with this or any other matter of concern.

    With every good wish,


    John Dingell
    Member of Congress

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