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    Anyone know of a certification center close by that's Not a rip off? all the ones IN AA are like 70-85 bux to see the doc etc the ones in detroit are like 150-175 WTF? thats a little steep IMO id rather drive out of AA

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    Well, if you have a doctor, with an established relationship, go to him/her. I told my neurologist I was going to use this med with her blessing or not.
    She was all for me trying it, more so then giving me pain meds. These centers are one of the things the state is trying to stop. You need to find a doctor who will take you on as a patient and schedule follow ups with you. Just my opinion, your insurance may be different and that is another part of the problem with Michigan's law, IMO.

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    insurance I dont have and will not get as i dont need it,as far as doctors downriver i don't know of ANY that are MMJ friendly

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