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Thread: Will need help after surgery !!

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    Will need help after surgery !!

    Will need help after surgery !!
    Well everyone, I'am having problems walking, sitting, lying, well you get the picture. Have to have surgery on my spine & my right hip, can't put this off any longer. Don't know how long this will take for rehab, but Im sure I'am going to lose everything I have in my garden as the wife has NO clue. I have to have this surgery A.S.A.P so I can at least function again. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hope that surgery helps alleviate your pain and gets you back in shape Medi.

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    Medi, hope your surgery goes well. Keep us posted on your progress

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    medi lets talk automation bro...
    storage tote timer pump line=healthy garden.
    start taking notes of what u do each time u go into garden so others can try to keep up.

    i spent most of last summer away and i managed to stay gone for 2 weeks at a time and everything went great!!

    It worked so well i now use the same system full time... its nice having a life again..

    if u need help message me im considering a trip north anyway some time soon. maybe i could help get it set up and running..

    I wish u the best bro good luck,.

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    Medi, any update on this thread?

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    Hey Medi how's it going? noticed for some reason your status has changed to "guest". hope you're doing ok and soaking up those sunsets by the lake.

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    where are you located ? I would be glad to help if you are close to my location I am in the traverse city area

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    About 2 weeks ago Medi had a posting saying that there was a hen in the chicken house and he wanted to delete his ID here. I tried to find out what he was talking about but got no reply. I am unsure that Medi still comes to this site.

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    thanks wash, I was kinda thinking there was a conflict as it's been too quiet around here. there are other avenues to unravel the truth. another day-in-the-life of medical marijuana. hope Medi is recovering from the needed surgery!

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    Wish you nothing but the Best " Medijuana.Inc2010 "

    Good Luck finding help ...
    I had major surgery about a month or so ago
    and I couldn't find anyone to weed wak for $10 an hour CASH
    or mow my grass ....

    As far as a Garden ... All that is growing in mine is weeds !
    I've missed most of this summer due to my health ...

    The only thing that was Good was that I lost 40 lbs ....

    Sure Hope you found someone to help You ?

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