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Thread: medical marijuana cancer proof

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    medical marijuana cancer proof

    short history of my patient ,she is a stage 4 breast cancer patient who has had radiation and chemo ,double mastectomy she was using rso until last year ,but did not like the high that came with most rick simpson oil , so we started her using cannatonic 7.8% cbd and 5.2% thc leaves as a tea three time a day , well her cancer markers stayed the same as with the rick simpson oil about 4.5 , well I hadn't heard from her in about 2 months or so , finally got a call from her about 3 weeks ago ,she was very upset that her cancer markers were all very high around the 37.5 range , I asked her if she had been drinking the cannatonic tea ,she said she had run out about 2 months ago , I thought she had went back on the rick simpson oil for some reason , well we had her start drinking the cannatonic tea 3 times a day for the last 2 and a half weeks ,well she got her lab work back today and all her markers are all very low again at about 4.6 range , this has been a big eye opener for both of us , now I can confirm that just using the high cbd leaves just by themselves will keep cancer in check ,and they are just as effective as the high thc rick simpson oil out there without the high
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    Great news Ruben. Keep up the good work!

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    That is totally awesome news! This could solve the solvent issue Really amazing, this also is a good reminder for anyone fighting cancer, don't stop using after your cancer is gone, don't run out, be prepared.

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    just got some feedback from the mother of my 18 y/o epileptic patient , she told me that the high cbd meds are helping her daughter alot , she went from 50 seizures a day to 4 in one week , she has more energy , and is more alert . and the strain that we are using is only 7.8% cbd , I plan on using the cannatonic# 4 which contains almost twice as much cbd in the future .

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    It is relly great news Ruben...!
    It may prove good reminder for anyone fighting cancer and can inspire many persons to fight against cancer..
    I think using the cannatonic# 4 is a best plan.
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