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Thread: JacksonCityCouncil meetonight... Results-anyone?

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    JacksonCityCouncil meetonight... Results-anyone?

    So I just stumbled upon a posting of a Jackson city council meeting tonight that pertains to Patients and Caregivers growing within the city. Can anyone provide any kind of update, much appreciated

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    Only thing I saw was a small recap about them making the decision to not discuss Medical MJ at the meeting but haven't seen anything since.

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    Hopefully those of us that are local can get a posting of the next meeting. I'd hate to see home growing rights within Jackson compromised.

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    Just saw this one, sneaky gov't anymore you can't believe them about what the meetings are about any longer. They don't want the opposition in there speaking out.

    Medical marijuana law passed by Jackson City Council prohibits dispensaries, allows for home use |

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    Thanks for finding that article. Wow no more than 20% of the homes floor space can be dedicated to cultivation. It's like your home is the city councils to do with as they please. that $500 fine will also become an incentive for authorities to investigate and place fines.

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    Does this officially shut down the Jackson Market or has it already been closed?
    Bummer (if so)....I never got the chance to make it there......

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