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Thread: PTSD denied in Michigan

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    PTSD denied in Michigan

    PTSD denied in Michigan


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    What is the implication of the panel being disbanded? The only positive I see from that fiasco is that the new panel will probably begin its review of PTSD all over again.

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    Stupid asses! wtf are they thinking? that panel is not worth a shit. can tell they have never been in danger, most probably did not even serve. But they can sit back now and pass judgement on those that did risk their lives and served this country. These pro politicians sure do SUCK!

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    I'll reinstate it when I get back to the office
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    what a bunch of horse shit , now what happens to the ptsd patients that are in the program now?

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    Good question !!

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    I don't believe that there are any PTSD patients in the program, at least not for PTSD. It is not a qualifying condition. Never was.

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    What a bunch of assholes they have been breaking the law for 5 years now. The law says they have to do this, and they have deliberately fucked it up to try and destroy the law we voted in.

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    full legalization is the only way to eliminate this type of crap, I'll bet that washington state and colorado resisdents don't ever worry about this shit anymore , I hope we get our chance very soon to vote on this issue .

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    remember we want it like Colorado so we can grow or own. That's the only way I will vote yes on full legal. I don't want to half to buy it.

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