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Thread: After 1,500 days, Redden case is finally resolved (Bob & Torrey)

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    After 1,500 days, Redden case is finally resolved (Bob & Torrey)

    The case of Bob Redden and Torrey Clark ends in victory for the embattled patients; 7 year felonies reduced to non-reporting misdemeanors in Michiganís toughest venue

    After 1,500 days, Redden case is finally resolved | The Compassion Chronicles

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    So glad that torturous ride has ended for them. They were put through hell.

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    Congrat. BOB & TOREY !!

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    I wonder what freedom costs the Clark's? Who pays now that they were found to be wrongly arrested? Bill Shitty could have ended this crap but he decided to let this play out in spite of the fact they did nothing wrong. Who was the anonymous tip? Probably fake! Anytime they act out of line they can throw out the "we got a tip" crap? to secure a search warrant. How about the judge who issued said warrant? Do they not do due diligence to verify said claim?

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    This costs them a fortune, & there integrity ! & Yes there should be some type of justice for them after all they have been thru !! It's all about money people ! It's our system that is at fault.

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    Clark's did nothing wrong but an overzealous prosecutor ruined them by a wrongfull charge because of pure vengence or ignorance? Your choice. Bill Shitty could have cleared this all up and informed the police how to properly enforce our MMP law. But not him he went around and hosted small conventions to help local prosecutors and police circumvent the voter initiated law. Our tool of an AG handled it all wrong.

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    Well I've heard they are taking money from the MMMA fund & using it to teach the police departments !!! ON HOW TO ARREST US !!!!!!!!!!

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    Unfortunately, that non-reporting misdemeanor means they were guilty. That in turn means they have no recourse for everything they lost because of this. Even though they were 100% in compliance with the law, the courts knew that they could never find them not guilty. Finding them not guilty would have meant restitution, and that would have been a huge amount of money. The fact that the court would have had to right this terrible wrong that was committed against them, guaranteed that they would never have been found not guilty. The court system is fixed to protect the illegal actions of the courts, prosecutors and police.

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