The new war on people has begun. Chronic pain patients will now be told to jog and take advil Pain is not just a symptom, it is the disease manifesting itself in the most horrific way and in some cases, it is the disease itself. As unfortunate as it is, there will always those that abuse any medication. Treatment needs to be provided for the 5% who do abuse these drugs, so that they don't turn to more dangerous drugs. It will not be long before the prisons will begin to fill with sick people trying to manage their pain. Cannabis oil is a good alternative. A 2:1 works for me. That means two parts CBD to each part of THC. A chronically ill person should not be left to suffer If doctors will not treat pain, what good are they?

Even more important is the implications for the sick. Many sick people will seek the stronger opiates on the street. It will end up putting more sick people in jail and in some cases overdose and death. . The state profits greatly when people are forced onto the streets but society suffers. It is time for scientist and researchers to develop effective methods of treating pain without killing people. We have an answer with medical marijuana and there are many others too.

Time to end the insanity.