Voters rejected a similar measure to MILegalize recently in Ohio. The reason, it would make a few people rich, while denying the people who built the industry, any compensation or future. No matter how you look at it the MIegalize is just another attempt by the former MACC to take over marijuana in Michigan. There are many reasons we as a community should reject this initiative, the main one being that its principles have been behind many of the raids and most of the restrictive legislation in the state. You can't cooperate with government officials when they are rounding up caregivers and patients and support the government while it falsifies evidence and expect people to believe that they will be safe when you consolidate your power through your own poor legislation. The community would do much better getting behind the repeal movement and rejecting MILegalize's monopoly attempts. If MILegalize is successful, far more members of our community will be in jail next year than this year. They have already worked hard to destroy the caregiver system in Michigan so they can cash in with their overpriced dispensaries. Members of their Board told me long ago that the poor would have to wait until they were finished. They will be never be finished because there is no end to their greed. They will not only deny the poor access but they will continue to use police to consolidate their strangle hold on the marijuana market by narcing on innocent caregiver and patient grows. Time to eject these money grubbers and return back to our roots.