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Thread: Sunset at the ponderosa !

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    Fishing n/a i never do that... Now catching i know a thing or 2 about... lol.. But to be honest its about time to head to your side of the state ... salmon/pike/panfish time..
    might have to look u up on my way to my camper in traverse city..

    now those dnr guys r ok folks for the most part....
    coast guard around here diff story.. not worried about there binoculars, more worried about there cameras they have on there new boats.. MIC412TIBUP13636N | BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS (MIC412TIBUP13636N) | Bosch Universal Accessories [MIC412TIBUP13636N] nice to know we can spend 30 grand on the cameras alone on there boats.. and they are all 18 with guns and a attitude. and they charge at a federal leval.. enough said..

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    Now you got me looking at old vacation pictures. Here were a couple more sunset shots.

    Attachment 855

    Attachment 856

    Attachment 857

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    Nice shots Some of those could be listed on one of the stock photos sites if they are high res
    King of the Caprines, Boss of the Bovids.

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    Mr Green, your welcome anytime, as is anyone else. !!

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    Whoa Mr. Green scary, they love to spy on us anymore, anyway they can. Pretty soon they'll want to have a camera in our bathrooms to make sure we use the right kind of TP

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    Wash nice pics, the one in the middle is really cool

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    Yep weather is getting better & the BBQ is calling !

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    MMmmm BBQ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Green View Post
    MMmmm BBQ...
    yum yum. Medi hosted a feast fit for a king at the Ponderosa I remember . Krusty brought a whole lake of salmon to grill, wow you should have seen those massive salmon steaks he prepared. So much food and meds I had a great time. Gave us all a great chance to say hi and make new friends. Memories will last forever.

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