We've received this question several times in the last few days. The short answer is no. THC is just one compound in an army of compounds, many of which have redundant functions. A simple search on a research site reveals the truth http://cannabisresource.net When I typed in CBD, hundreds of articles appeared. Not one of them stated that THC was responsible for CBD's effects. In fact it was just the opposite, CBD acts as a modifier for THC. It is important that agendas not be confused with fact. You can also do a search on Google by entering NLM CBD. That will do a search on the National Library of Medicine. Again it confirms that CBD acts without the presence of THC

I believe that there is a synergy in the plant but there is no science to supports that compounds stop functioning because one is in hemp and the other is in cannabis. The fact is Hemp is cannabis. There are different strains of cannabis but the compounds do not cease to function because one is hemp and one will get you high. Making these types of claims is a disservice to science and to winning acceptance of cannabis as a medicine. No organization should put itself forward as being authoritive if it cannot grasp the science of the plant. It is simply not possible in many states, because it is illegal, and in many cases people cannot tolerate THC to use high THC Oil. No one should tell sick people to abandon cannabis because of these factors. CBD as well as the numerous other compounds in cannabis function fine without the presence of THC.

Finally do products being sold over the internet have more contaminants than dispensary products. The answer is no. Whether it is Hemp or marijuana, contamination occurs because of poor growing conditions, improper use of pesticides or fungicides, or contaminated soil. In fact a recent study found several of the largest producers of dispensary oil were offering contaminated products. But the fact is, not one death has ever been attributed to cannabis. Industrial hemp growers know the same thing that any other cannabis grower knows, the end products are being tested. Industry watchdog groups are being formed and will monitor all companies selling hemp products. The supply is safe/

This whole debate is laughable from an industrial standpoint as it is all cannabis. It seems to me that industry insiders are getting cool sounding websites and regurgitating falsehoods to advance financial gains. This should stop and science should rule the day.