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Thread: Michigan House OKs welfare drug screening

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    Vapor I get what your saying but this is a wide swept BS game they play. I'm on Medicare and SSDI, will they come after me? Will they take my benefits away because I choose my medicine to be made from a God given plant instead of the shit they gave me that will kill me? I'm not the only one in this boat. I don't get much but what I do get it all goes toward paying bills, every last cent. But I use marijuana so I must be some low life living off the system. When will the gov't stop trying to tell us what is right for us. I have patients who receive SSI, do they buy crappy food or spend their money not so wisely? Probably but it is none of my business, they pay there bills, and although they receive assistance does not give the gov't the right to take benefits away due to marijuana use.

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    I believe but don't quote me ! If you have a MM card its just like having a prescription for oxycontin. Although it is the federal government so they could do just about anything !

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    im not talkin about Marijuana use, I dont consider that a drug at all Im talkin about literally the crack heads and meth heads that are on welfare..IMO they should not be able to get govnt funds the only way i see this bill being good in for those specific people on the hard drugs . Not if a patient was just using medical cannabis and gettin the funds from welfare im 100% ok with that just not ok with the junkies on hard drugs gettin Medicade SSi etc

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    as for the bill The screening isnt Mandatory for all folks....only those in reasonable suspicion would be's pretty easy to spot an addict that is on some kinda hard drugs like coke ,crack,heroin,DMT,speed etc those would be the one being asked....

    Vapor,I’m sure that “demeanor” will be judged fairly and without respect to someone’s race, education, and appearance. Certainly no prejudiced state welfare office bureaucrat wouldn't misinterpret someone’s physical disability as being under the influence of drugs.

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    Finally, the proper response to the unnecessary, invasive, disgusting, offensive testing of poor people’s urine is not to institute unnecessary, invasive, disgusting, offensive testing of legislator’s urine. The proper response is to reject drug testing of all citizens without cause.

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    I don't see race as an issue here hell I see more white people all rocked out more then I see other races ,but that besides the point I stand where I stand on the bill,No words can change that,it's My personal Opinion on the bill And I think Its fine an dandy As long as they don't include Cannabis ,I Don't Work 70+ hours and 7 Days a week to Support Serious Addicts,those people chose that life.No One forced the Hard stuff on them.THEY chose to use it. and for that they should not be able to Receive ANY funds From Anyone Especially Tax Payers money I'M all for helping,I just choose Not to Help Serious Addicts, and as far as offensive testing.I Don't see Nothing Offensive about Taking 1 minute to pee in a cup to prove your not on any hard drugs, is it offensive for someone to pee in a cup during a regular hospital/doctors visit? Not in My eyes,yet it's so offensive to pee in a cup to prove your not some street addict tryin to live off the taxpayers money. Your Just not catching my drift. Ill just break it down in simpler terms.

    60 y/o with medical disabilities Gettin funds from the Govnt - fine with me Not a prob be more then happy to help

    18 year old mother with 8 kids driving a 40K caddy with 12k rims Using a EBT card on welfare - DEFF NOT OK <--this is the type of people I see On a daily Basis - this is the type of BS i will not support and this is the type of people using it most (from what i see in my area) as for race It's ALL races EBT cards and govnt funds should be used for Food Clothing ETCETC NOT 40's of malt liquor ,and 4 Single Ciggs and a half gallon of 5 o clock vodka

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    Here in lies the problem, THEY don't differentiate between Meth, Heroin, and marijuana, all illegal drug use to them.

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