"(05/01/13) - Those in favor of Medical Marihuana were outside the state capitol Wednesday afternoon.

Inside, lawmakers are considering new restrictions to the state law that allows its use.

State Senator Rick Jones says there are 130,000 people in Michigan with marihuana cards. He doesn't believe that many people need them, but Medical Marihuana supporters don't want the laws changed.

In 2008, state voters approved the use of marihuana to relieve pain and other chronic ailments.

Caregivers and supporters of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act stood on the capitol steps Wednesday afternoon for three hours to get a message across to law makers.They argue that lawmakers are denying access to the medicine that people received.

Len Tobias uses Medical Marihuana on a daily basis.

"I've had small strokes. A lot of small strokes. It helps me get through the day. It's not where it kills the pain all day, but it makes it so I can work all day," he said.

He doesn't think all of the state leaders are being fair when it comes to the use of Medical Marihuana.

"What we voted for wasn't what we're ending up with now," he said. "If we could legally trade with other patients, other caregivers, that's what we need to do. It's got to be fair, it's just got be even across the board. I don't know if they could ever figure out a way to tax it or not, that wouldn't bother me."

Sen. Jones says new restrictions were passed last year on how people can transport marihuana. He says it has to be locked up in the trunk or securely in the car.

These protesters say a lawsuit could follow if lawmakers don't stop hurting those who need the medical attention.

"We got these sick people out here. They got a lady over here in a wheel chair. She lives in federal housing, she needs canvas because she's on 14 different medications, all to treat a side effect from the other one. Is that how we really want to live? She should be able to use a natural medication to treat herself," said protestor Chris Baldwin.

Jones also argues that the Michigan Marihuana Law isn't strict enough."

Medical Marihuana supporters protest at state capitol - ABC 12