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Thread: Bill status summary

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    Bill status summary

    I fixed the link, it now works fine.
    The page that is linked has a lot of data on it so it does take a while to load.

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    nothing under the link ?

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    I heard that the lawmakers are working on a bill that will transfer 3 million of the MMMA registration money to law enforcement.
    This will be used to train and finance further persecution of caregivers and patients from what I am reading.

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    Yep now isn't that something, that money could be used to educate the cops to know what the law really is instead of busting law abiding patients and caregivers. It's wrapped into another bill, think it is to be introduced in 2014? I'm not sure of the number on that bill.

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    I'd have a difficult time renewing my state mmj card knowing that a fraction of the renewal went to leo. no thanks. what's this really all about, how asinine...

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    Do you think for one minute old Bill "bull shit" Schuette would help educate the cops on how to properly handle the MMP program here in Michigan? Hell no he prefers to keep up his unwarranted attacks and would rather educate the cops on how to circumvent the law to bust cannabis users than how to interact and properly implement and defend our MMP program. Stupid ass of an AG we got

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