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Thread: April 9th Protest Lansing Michigan Live Music Starts at 10:30. Speakers at Noon.

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    April 9th Protest Lansing Michigan Live Music Starts at 10:30. Speakers at Noon.

    The protest will be held on the front steps.

    It is important that we unify. Everyone who believes that this is good medicine, individual rights, or recreational use must be there. The government violated the constitution, defied the people and numerous laws in order to steal your rights. As a community we must come together. This is the only way that the public will know what these tyrants have done. Fragmentation means defeat. This is our chance to stop the corporate takeover of marijuana. We don't need corporations to grow our medicine. We need the working folks of the State of Michigan farming. The people built this market. Corporations and government are preparing to reap the harvest of your labor. While people have starved they have distributed your wealth to these corporations. You will not get another chance to defend yourselves. Participate when we ask and we will make these tyrants pay for what they have done. We will be active from the local to the federal level. Do not let anyone divide you. Prepare to fight for your lives. Never has there been a more righteous cause. Tens of thousands of Michigan's sick have been ruthlessly cut off from their medicine. The Supreme Court in a ruling that defied logic, reasoning and human compassion rewrote the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Everyone should join us. The human tragedy that has be concocted by these criminals is of a historical magnitude. Help us build an appropriate response. Time to visit the house.
    Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness...


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    I will be there in full support, and will encourage everyone that I know to be there also. The sad truth is, most people are too lazy and complacent to put forth any effort at all. They just sit home and hope someone else will save them. Most won't even pick up the phone to call their representative until after their rights are gone. By then it is too late. I'll see you and the handful of others in this state that are motivated enough to try, on the 9th.

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