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Thread: Dogs and Cannabis

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    Timber relaxing after the grandkids were here for 3 days !!

    Kim & kids 007a.jpg

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    The cool dude has to chill for awhile.

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    To add to the cannabis for canines story, I'll add a personal note.

    Today, I put my dog down. It is a difficult time to be sure. He had many issues that just began to compound and I couldn't bear to watch him struggle any longer. For a couple of months he had been improving from a low point in March but that progress had slowed. I became convinced that he would get no better. It was time. 14 years and 8 months. RIP buddy

    I wanted to mention though that the cannabis oil (rso) was a wonderful medicine for him. It seemed to relieve his pain, he slept soundly, and he retained his appetite, even today. Unfortunately I did not use the oil until he was late stage with cancer. If I had it to do over again, I would start the oil much sooner and give larger doses. As it was, I wasn't sure for a time whether I was being kind or was I in fact mistreating him with the oil. There is a lot of information on the web regarding cannabis toxicity. Dr Kramer's articles in the opening posts of this thread were a great help in giving me confidence.

    My dog had several issues that seemed to improve over time with the oil use. Both his hearing and his eyesight improved with oil use. I had read that cannabis had been a treatment for cataracts years ago but had not read of hearing improvements. Possibly a brain tumor was shrinking, I don't know but he went from stone deaf to again being able to hear sharp sounds, like claps or whistles. His eyes definitely cleared some too. They looked much brighter. These improvements were encouraging and made his last days better but, they also made it harder to know when to let go because he was certainly improving for a time.

    He had also had an issue with a crusty nose for many years. Today the vet and I discussed how great his nose was looking - like a young dog again. The crustiness had completely disappeared and he had a moist nose in his last month or two. I heard that the crustiness can develop after the passage from the dog's tear ducts to his nose closes up. So this problem too had corrected itself with the oil use.

    Anyway, I would highly recommend cannabis oil for ailing canines. Start very slowly and monitor the animal for hazards like stairs. Remember if a 180 lb person starts with a 'grain of rice', a 30lb dog should start with 1/6th of a grain. It can have strong effects on the dog and remember that it is not aware that this is just a medicinal effect that will wear off. Stay with the dog until it falls asleep so that it does not panic. Lastly, when they wake up after a dose of oil, they will be groggy for a couple of minutes longer than normal. It may take a minute or two to get their bearings.

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    sorry washtenaut. You did the right thing. God speed to your buddy

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    (((((HUGS)))))) dear, you did your baby right. He had a much better ending then would be without the oil. To watch them suffer is so hard but that decision is rougher still. I'm glad he did get some relief and you had a few more months with him. Mine is doing really well but I believe he now might have Cushings which is the pits, they can't control their bladder. Only way to get a dx is pay a fortune, have the dog put under, testing, then meds. Well he is so old I don't want to chance it and can't afford that anyway. All we can do is make our babies as comfy as possible in their last days. I am so hoping he will go in his sleep. They sure are a huge part of our lives and in our hearts like our own children.

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