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Thread: Lots of equipment for sale, Great Deals !!

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    Lots of equipment take a look !

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    Im interested in the 1k but soooo dont want to sign up on another forum.
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    if his name is matt, he's a decent guy from @ jackson area. i met him once and purchased new as advertised equip.

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    ...and what if his name is Bill S. from the Lansing area? Is he OK then? lol just kiddin.

    Also, unless a new law passed this morning at 4:20, I think we can still buy these types of items from our secondary caregivers

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    He is from Jonesville, Mi. Yes his name is Matt !!
    He says he will drive & meet whoever half way. Here is his e-mail address so you don't have to join the forum.
    Also please mention my name Medi sent you !

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    also has a Turbo Klone 25 site cloner to get rid of

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    SOLD !! ALL equipment is SOLD !!

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