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Thread: Possible Defense? Er no?

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    Possible Defense? Er no?

    So what the Definition of Marijuana?

    Marijuana (marihuana) Cannabis sativa L., also known as Indian hemp, is a member of the Cannabaceae or hemp family, thought to have originated in the mountainous districts of India, north of the Himalayan mountains.

    Notice In the BOLD Print

    Now Could some one point our where it says Indica?....

    It does not mention this anywhere ....

    So if you were one to be caught up ...and you were growing Strictly Indica Plants Couldn't you use this as a defense in the court of law?

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    Sure you could, as long as you don't mind being found guilty.

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    i was watching a show (weed country) and a guy was caught up..and he was going to use this as a defense , i found it weird duno if it would work but who knows from all the definitions i have seen its strictly says Sativa and does not mention anything of indica

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    I wouldn't want to be the test case for this.....would you?
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    yeah I saw that WC episode too. that old-timer was kinda interesting. that tidbit about some written loophole seemed too good to be true, or OT was messin w that goofball from the city w the suv. That dispensary goof guy w the hot model girlfriend had way too many legal problems to be trying to make those type of moves (on film). Lol

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    Mike Boutin, is a personal friend of mine from California, have known him for about 12 years now, talk with him on Facebook a lot. He is on WEEd Country !!

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    You can raise this issue in court and the judge will just blow it off. So sure you can bring it up but it prolly wont get ya far.

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