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Thread: More than 200 protest Jackson County prosecutor decision

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    More than 200 protest Jackson County prosecutor decision

    JACKSON, MI -- More than 200 medical marijuana patients and advocates from all over the state loudly protested the Jackson County prosecutor's decision to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries in the county.

    The protest, staged Friday, March 8, in front of the Jackson County Tower Building, overflowed into the streets at times and attracted attention from those driving down W. Michigan Avenue. More than one driver in the area held his or her medical marijuana card out the window for the crowd to see.

    Protesters, some wearing white masks and bandanas covering their faces, loudly chanted "safe access."

    The organizer of the event, Joe Cain, led the protest. Cain is the owner of the Jackson Medical Marijuana Farmers Market.

    "I met with the prosecutor (Jerry Jarzynka) last week, he is going to allow our caregivers to take care of patients but no dispensaries are going to be allowed," Cain said.

    He said some of the medical marijuana patients do not have health insurance and depend on caregivers and dispensaries that will give up to an ounce of marijuana once a month to patients who can't pay.

    "All of those who were getting a free ounce once a month -- that's not happening anymore," Cain said.

    He said they will do what they have to do to help patients, even if that means going to jail.

    "We can't turn our backs on these people, that's not an option. We are going to take care of them one way or another. If some of us have to go to jail, then I guess we go to jail, but that does not need to happen," Cain said.

    Cain said he clearly understands the prosecutor's decision.

    "The prosecutor has discretion, he can choose to prosecute or not. He was very clear; if we open up he will put us in jail."

    Parma resident Janelle Riley is one of the patients who depended on the free medical marijuana every month. Now she said she is forced to seek it on the black market. She also uses a cannabis lotion. She said she can't afford to buy it on the black market.

    "Now they are forcing me to do something I don't want to do."

    Riley said she suffers from pain, mostly in her lower back. She uses a cane when walking and receives disability benefits from the state.

    "In the morning when I wake up my hands don't work. The lotion I was getting through the dispensaries really helped," she said.

    Before trying medical marijuana, Riley said doctors wanted to prescribe her OxyContin or Xanax.

    "Those are addictive, you can't get addicted to cannabis," she said. "These lotions are amazing, but I can't get it now. It's not right, I suffer every night when I go to bed and wake up in pain."

    Grass Lake resident Stephanie Struble was diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer in April 2012. In addition, she said she suffers from a tumor in her pancreas. Struble was using cannabis oil to help with the pain.

    "I put it on my tongue and swallow it," she said. "It shrunk my tumor and my doctors at (the University of Michigan Medical Center) were amazed."

    Struble said she does not have health insurance and is unemployed "due to my sickness."

    After she was diagnosed, she researched medical marijuana and went to Sweet Greens in Leoni Township looking for help. She does not smoke marijuana.

    "I was going to give up, I don't like being stoned," Struble said. "Kerry (Pickett) helped me, she told me about the oil."

    Kerry Pickett and her husband, Todd Pickett, own Sweet Greens and The S.G. Health and Wellness Center on Fifth Street.

    "Now I can't get the oil, she can't give it to me anymore," Struble said.

    While Kerry Pickett is a caregiver, she has five patients already. Under the law, caregivers can only provide for five patients.

    "You can't get oil on the black market," Struble said.

    According to Colleen Garety, the Jackson County elections director, 42,102 voters in the county voted to pass the 2008 medical marijuana law while 29,195 voted against it.

    There are 18 dispensaries that the prosecutor is aware of: 10 in Blackman Township, five in the city of Jackson, two in Leoni Township and one in Henrietta Township.

    More than 200 protest Jackson County prosecutor decision to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries |

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    It was definitely worth the trip to go to the protest! I had a great time, the weather was very pleasant, the people were awesome; many cars driving by honked in support, some people honking and showing their cards. There will be another rally in Lansing April 9th, hope we can get as many people to show up as possible. I have room for six peop le in my van, and hope to have it filled for that rally (Ann arbor area if interested). We need to show these politicians that they are messing with the wrong crew!
    "If the good Lord's willing, I'm gonna keep on chilling" - Kid Rock

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    Thanks to those who got out there and made a collective voice heard for medical marijuana advocacy.

    You folks rock!

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    Was a good turn out for such short notice. We need to rock the house on the 9th. Tell everyone ya know, pass out flyers and do whatever it takes.
    I'm coming from Berrien County and looking for riders. If we have to rent a bus then I will rent one. So lets pack that lawn........

    Exec Dir
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    Ann Arbor dispensaries are open and rocking. Its up to the local prosecutor if they want to get pushed around by Bill Shitty. Get some balls and stand up to this AG who is out of line on a voter initiated law!

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