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Thread: can someone tell me what would happen if I put a 1000w hps bulb in a 600w ballest

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    can someone tell me what would happen if I put a 1000w hps bulb in a 600w ballest

    I got a 600 watt hydrofam grow light from a friend he said when it warmed up the light shut off. From past experience the bulb is bad the bulb is 3 years old. It use to be my light system.I want to put a 1000 watt hps in it to see if it is the bulb.I already put the bulb in it the other day and it got bright I unplugged it cause I didnt know what it would do. I would like to leave it on to see if it shuts off.I cant really see what harm it would do since the bulb is a higher watt than the ballest. I just want to be sure.

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    Hey, I don't think that the 600 watt ballast would power that 1000 bulb for too long, but I don't think that it will damage the ballast. Sure would be nice to get a 600 bulb to perform the test.

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    Like abeam said I don't think it will power the 1000 watt bulb, it may light it up but not to its potential. I also can't seeing it do any damage to the ballast.

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    I got a 1000 watt ballast from somone once they said was no good ! I changed the plug wher it was burnt, & It fired right up & I donated it to a grower in need for FREE !

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    My original ballasts( 2 ) 1000 watters, that i bought off of ebay 10 years ago, were industrial ballasts, & I bought new inside components for both & have never had a problem with either ballast in over 10 years, running them 12/ 12 constantly.

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    don't ya know someone with a 600 water you can borrow for a test ?

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    maybe bring the ballast to the grow shop when you go to buy the new 600 bulb. you can test it then so you don't waste the bucks on a new bulb unless usable right then. good luck Zig!

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    I don't think it would be any different than dialing down a dimable ballast without changing the bulb. Shouldn't be harmful but the spectrum of the light may change.

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    Don't think it would harm the ballast it just wouldn't work.

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