I have the following strains available:

In clone form::
Barney's Farm - Blue Cheese
Dr. Greenthumb's - Endless Sky
SamSaraSeeds - Spicy White Devil
Royal Queen Seeds - ICE / Afghani x Northern Lights x Skunk #1
Royal Queen - Critical
G13 Labs - Gigabud

(I dont remember the breeders of these but I have it wrote down)
Critical +
Critical Hog
Cum Laude

Also have these in seed form::
Caliconnection - Boss Hog (Reg)
Delta 9 Labs - Southern Lights (Reg), Fruit of the gods (Reg), Brain Storm Haze (Reg)
Royal Queen - Critical (Fem)
Royal Queen - ICE (Fem)
Seedsman Seeds - White Widow (Fem)
Seedsman Seeds - Northern Lights (Reg)
Nirvana Seeds - White Widow (Reg/Outdoor)
Nirvana Seeds - Lemon Skunk (Reg)
(Personal Breed) - Lemon Skunk x Hindu Kush (Reg)
(Personal Breed) - Super Lemon Cake Haze (Reg)
(Can't remember breeder) - Jamaican Pearl (Reg)
(Same ^^) - Pineapple Chunk (Fem)

Washtenaw Co. Area - Caregivers only need to contact, I won't deal with patients. Have your hard card.

I can always use lights, or supplies.. I don't need any strains right now unless you have high CBD strains.