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Thread: tiresias mist to create your own feminized seeds ?

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    tiresias mist to create your own feminized seeds ?

    I purchased a product today to produce my own feminized seeds , it is called tiresias mist made by Dr. T's Remedies , this will be great for me ,I have too many strains going right now ,and would like to keep the strains as feminized seeds when needed again , you just have to apply it to a branch of the chosen plant just as it go's into flower and spray on the branch once daily for 21 days and the branch will produce feminized pollen to pollenate the rest of the plant so you will end up with female seeds also will be good for feminized crossbreeds

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    That sounds pretty cool. I will be interested on how this turns out and how well you like it.

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    I saw that product at HTG here in Lansing, I just take a clone & spray it with colloidal silver. 3 to 4 weeks later I have a plant covered with male flowers & pollen. I only do this if I don't have an actual male of the strain I want to duplicate though.

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    did the colloidal silver produce female seeds ? if so it may be cheaper to just use that instead ,it is $26.00 for a 1 oz spray bottle

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    I found a way to make my own colloidal silver solution from distilled water,(2) silver 1 oz bars, positive/negative leads and a 9 volt battery , I am going to experiment with the ppm for now and see what works better for the feminized seeds

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    I was able to make 20 ppm colloidal silver for spraying on a branch of my strains that I want to make feminized seeds from , I have already spotted one male flower forming on the branch I sprayed on the pandoa's box strain

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    Yes, the seeds are all feminized seeds. It is best to use a small plant so not much silver is needed. It is difficult to do just one branch, as the silver tends to change the whole plant to male. I have had 100% success so far with this method. A friend of mine has done this with Cannatonic and provided pollen to a major breeder and seed producer. This will be used to create some new high cbd strains. I use 27 to 29 ppm silver, I use a 12v 1 amp power supply with .9999 12ga silver wire. I also use a small airstone to keep the corrosion down and to keep the solution agitated.

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    Here's the Cannatonic #4 reversed pollen being applied to other CBD females!!! We've got a Michigander to thank for the reversed pollen skills and getting it into the right hands.

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    Hey, I made that colloidal silver. I'm famous! (not)

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    I was thinking about using a morgan silver dollar , but was worried about the 10% copper so I found some silver oz bars at the coin store ,they worked real good and got a 20 ppm solution I am going reverse pollenate all my strains and hopfully some new ones

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