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Thread: tiresias mist to create your own feminized seeds ?

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    20ppm should work fine, I know that 27ppm works good. It's nice to be able to back your strains up with seeds, just in case something happens. When I first started making the silver solution, I bought 2 quarter oz. .9999 liberty coins and these worked good. It was just too hard to keep the area where the wire was attached to the coins out of the distilled water, so I changed to using the .9999 wires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoneage View Post
    Hey, I made that colloidal silver. I'm famous! (not)
    You're famous to be brother. Nice job on the colloidal silver!!! (among a long list of other good deeds)

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    I have to try adding the bubble stone on my next batch , thanks for the info

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruben View Post
    I have to try adding the bubble stone on my next batch , thanks for the info
    Get a small 2 outlet valve so you can adjust the bubble flow, you don't want much just enough to agitate the water a bit.

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    so far have got my blue cough and cannatonic 1:1 to hermi just on one branch that I sprayed with colloidal silver , they should be ready to pollenate the rest of the plant very soon , this opens up a whole new world for me as a breeder

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    That's good to hear, the common train of thought on colloidal silver is that the whole plant will tend to reverse. I'll have to give the 1 branch thing a try next time. Thanks for the info.

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    I have a question for stoneage, when do you stop spraying the plant with the colloidal silver ,as soon as the pollen sacs are visible ,or when they start to drop there pollen?, I have 4 different strains that have pollen sacs visible

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    I stop when the pollen sacs are close to full size, others I know stop a bit earlier with no problems. I always stop a week or so before they open. Are you still having good luck doing just one branch? If so, I'm going to give it a try next time. I may need to do some landrace strains, because I may not get any males.

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    so far so good with the branch method a couple of lower buds on other branches hermied ,but mostly confined to just the one branch , 80% of the remaining buds can still be harvested for patients or you can make as many seeds as you want ,the flexibility is nice, thanks for the info

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    Be careful not to smoke any bud that has come in contact with the silver solution, heavy metals tend to build up in the body.
    Supposedly the combustion creates a dangerous condition, I don't know how true this is but better safe than sorry.

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