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Thread: Nerve Pain

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    I believe that there are other compounds in some Cannabis plants (besides thc & cbd) that are effective on nerve pain. I have a patient that suffers from severe nerve pain, and she tried a strain I grew that completely stopped the pain. Even morphine and fentanyll do not work for her. She told me she had tried dozens of strains, and none had helped at all. She says this strain completely stops the pain, where others had not even reduced it. I suspected this was a high cbd strain, but when tested it is less than 1/2 % cbd, and very moderate thc. There has got to be something else in there that is stopping the pain. Since the labs only test for limited compounds, finding out what it is that stops the pain will be difficult. I would need to do much more comprehensive testing, as well as the same testing on other strains to find out what it is that is working on her pain. It would probably be a bit more expensive to do this than I can afford, but I sure would like to know.
    Synergy its called and I agree with Cg.

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    Just wondering through the forum and find this good one so wanted to like the discussion.
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