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    Jackson, MI

    Medical Marijuana Shop Offers Free Joints - WLNS TV 6 Lansing - Jackson | Your Local News Leader
    Medical Marijuana Shop Offers Free Joints

    BLACKMAN TWP., (Mich) -- It's a food drive that's sure to catch your attention.

    A Jackson County medical marijuana shop is offering up to four free joints in exchange for canned goods.
    It's an offer Tom Downs, owner of Canna Care on West Ganson Street in Blackman Township has been advertising since Tuesday.
    "Every patient that comes in and brings in two cans of non-perishable items, we'll give away one pre-roll marijuana joint," said Downs.
    He told 6 News the maximum amount of free joints patients can get is four. So far, at least 100 people have come into his shop to donate.
    "Well the concept is simple, I want to give back to the community," said Downs. "A lot of people in Jackson that are hurting."
    Downs stressed everyone must have a valid Michigan medical marijuana card to get the free pot.
    "If you're a non-patient, then obviously you can't get any medicine from us, but if you're a non-patient and you want to contribute to the food drive, you're more than welcome," said Downs.
    "We are very very strict," he said. "I turn away people all the time because they don't have the proper identification."
    Downs has already filled up one box of food and donated it to the Jackson Interfaith Shelter.
    Rolanda Triplett works at the shelter. She told 6 News, "We don't pass judgement as to what people do in their private life or their organizations. We have a goal and that's to keep the shelter running so that we can keep people off the street so their donation is appreciated."
    Canna Care will be accepting food donations in exchange for joints through March 1.
    It's not exactly clear if the free pot for food is legal.
    According to the Jackson County prosecutor's office, it is illegal to give marijuana to anyone, even with a medical marijuana card, unless it's coming from their registered health care provider.

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    In my humble opinion, if the Jackson County prosecutor's office does anything about this, they will look like the biggest buzz killers of the County! They better be ready for an ass whoppin', Papa Joe n his posse aren't going to stand for them going after sick people, or the people who take care of us!!
    "If the good Lord's willing, I'm gonna keep on chilling" - Kid Rock

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    I was at the Jackson Market today, there are many miserable patients trying to get meds. They can't.

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    Underground Farmers Market !!

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    Yep lots of people are talking about being without meds right now, a lot of hurting folks.

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    The people of Michigan did not vote for a law that does not allow access to all patients. Mr. S will rot in Hell for his part in all of this. Karma will probably inflict due process in the meantime.

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