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Thread: Proposed HB 4271 (Provisioning Center 2.0 or the Callton bill )

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    I agree Stoneage, just a few changes and it wouldn't be a bad bill. Just don't take our grow rights away. I wish they would figure out that adding to the caregiver/patient system is the way to help everyone not to replace it but give legal options to obtain meds and for the caregivers to legally get rid of their excess. That is my biggest fear, taking away the c/p system, along with our growing rights and the right to treat ourselves. Don't take those rights away, add better and more options to keep folks legal not more restrictions.

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    In my opinion they will use the testing issue to force meds only from centers or dispenc's. Oh safety,safety,saftey. Whatever. I been doing this for 40 years and testing my shit was never a issue. But they will use this issue to win over the masses while they slide the real reason they want the law changed.
    That would be control period.
    Ya can't have people growing all over the place with no control over them.
    They do not need to change anything in our law. The court just needs to state plainly that caregivers can sell to ANY person in the reg.If this question would get in front of them I truly believe thats just what they would rule as thats what the law says. But they skirt around the question and answer by just saying connect by thru the reg system. Not once said JUST 5, just connected to thru the reg.
    If this was answered then markets,dispenc's centers, what have you could fight it out in the public and the market will sort out which system works best for patients.
    The law does not need to be changed,just needs to be followed........................

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    Berrien County Compassion Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruzty View Post
    In my opinion they will use the testing issue to force meds only from centers or dispenc's. Oh safety,safety,saftey.........................
    Yah, safety.
    I've heard no reports of any Michigander's dying from Michigan grown medicine.
    Unlike the reported Michigan deaths due to tainted meds from a "safe" Massachusetts Pharmacy.
    New England Compounding Center meningitis outbreak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Those with enough money to lobby for what will make them more money, will get the laws changed to their advantage.
    Mandatory mega-testing and high licensing and permit fees will be the end of the small caregiver/grower, unless all patients and caregivers work together to stop it. It would be in everyone's best interest for all of us to fight against any laws that will place these types of restrictions over growing. The consequence of not doing this will be $400.00 + ounces for everyone.
    In other words, those who need these meds the worst won't be able to afford them.
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