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Thread: Latest test results for Bright moments.

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    Gage Green came up with a good one with the Grape Stomper x Grape Stomper OG. Any strains with these genetics are doing great, people love them. I don't think that Bright Moments seeds will be available again, but there are some other Grape Stomper crosses available. There are some F2 Bright Moments seeds around though.

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    the frost on that lab test photo looks beyond frosty..
    nicely done!

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    I think those who are growing this strain will be very happy with the results. One individual who posted pics of this strain on another forum was accused of photo-shopping the pictures due to the seemingly impossible amount of trichomes. I have some extra seeds if any verifiable, and legal members of this forum are interested. There are people paying $500 and up for the last few packs of seeds in the Grape Stomper line. Gage Green is releasing the last few packs on their auction site, because they are discontinuing this line of seeds.
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