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Thread: I made cocconut oil with rso with great results

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    I made cocconut oil with rso with great results

    Ive been researching rso and cocconut capsuls as most might know from a recent post. Well I used 2 mils of rso to 6 table spoons of medium to high heat bought a Family fare. I started with capsuls at first till I researched cocconut oil and found it was bad for cholesteral .So I started to use it as topical with great results. a lady we know had skin cancer cells on her face 3 weeks ago she rubbed the rso cocconut oil on her face for maby 2 weeks. She had a sugery schedaled to remove the cancer cells when the Dr looked at her at surgery and found that they were completly gone. The nurses told her rso will burn her skin off lol. My wife had a buldge in her back do to a herniated disk and we have been rubbing it on her back her sores and buldge are now gone. She had a spot on her leg that was going to half to be cut out probally an oval of 9 inches long and abour 6 inches wide do to vericose veins it was a darker purple and some black. Guess what it is white again and looks very good.We have trierd penut butters topical oil with no luck. I think the rso is so much more concetrated than using raw material is why my oil worked so good and fast. This was my first rso I have made used bud and trimmings and the first topical oil I have made. Thanks for the advice in my other post on rso between my friends here and Mayor Herb this was possable. Mayor gave me the amounts of rso to use with the amount of cocconut oil. Abe thank you even though I didnt use you method brother if it wasnt for you I would not have known about cocconut capsuls. You made this possable I just trie other medthods of the oil and it works great.As for capsuls I think I will use glicerine to fill them I bought vegtable glicerine. Im glad to have friends like you folks. As I have found the right nutes to grow with now I am getting a lot more production. So in a couple of weeks I am going to make as much rso as I can. I just need to get a rice cooker so I dont half to use a crockpot.

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    ziggy I've read that you can fill the capsules with dry ground cannabis if you're concerned about cholesterol. you must decarb it in the oven first though. I've never tried it..

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    I use a lot of coconut oil in my diet, and it has not had a negative effect on my cholesterol one bit. I may be wrong, but I think the cholesterol in coconut oil is considered "good" cholesterol. Good job on the RSO Ziggy, I am glad you are having success with it, most people do. You can also use olive oil to make edible cannabis oil, that was the first oil I used with cannabis. It's nice to hear you are having good luck with your growing, sounds like you have got your nutes dialed in pretty well. Keep up the good work. It wouldn't hurt to post some pictures for us to see, we like looking at that kind of stuff.
    If you need some high CBD strains for making your oil, many of us have them and are willing to share.
    Crock pots will work good for RSO, as long as you get one with heat that will go down low enough, many of them just stay too hot.

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    Awesome stories ziggy. RSO is truly a cure all. One thing that I have been noticing is the many forms of cannabis used to aid in healing. Raw leaves up to the finely extracted cannabis oil. Amazing plant that we have here and I'm very glad that you have found a comfort zone using and making the oil. Spread your knowledge to all who will listen as this is how we win. Congrats ziggy, hears to a better life!

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    Very cool Ziggy! Love your results and your confidence to heal you and your family. ((((HUGS)))) I am thrilled for you everything is going so well!

    My crock pots don't get as hot as the rice cooker so it would take forever to burn off the solvent. The rice cooker speeds up the process dramatically.

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    well I bought a rice cooker at the goodwill for $3.99. My neighbor took it apart and did away with the safty and on and off switch because it caused a spark every time you took the cooking pot out of it.Its wired direct so that there is no sparks.

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    It is a good idea to have a cooking thermometer to use while making the oil. That way you can be sure you are not burning off valuable cannabinoids and terpines. Good luck with the rice cooker Ziggy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoneage View Post
    It is a good idea to have a cooking thermometer to use while making the oil. That way you can be sure you are not burning off valuable cannabinoids and terpines. Good luck with the rice cooker Ziggy.
    I used a thermometer and the temp was 180 degrese that was thi highest tyhe temp went

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