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Thread: Automatic drip watering system

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    Yep right after Kay & I met, well 3 months, I called her on a Tuesday & told her to tell work she was taking a 2 week vacation, We left that Friday for the Carribean for 2 weeks on an Italian cruise line. What a wonderful time. I still have connections down in Jamaica for places to stay for cheap & the private homes are well guarded from any harm.

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    You swept her right off her feet and into the sunset eh? I love this story Medi, quite the romantic gentleman you are. Have any old pics?

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    I also lived in Hawaii for a couple of years, was sent ther thru a company I worked for & all expenses were paid for 1 year, while I decided if I wanted to stay ther permanently. Which I did.

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    yep sure do see if I can conjure some up quick.

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    Heres one of Dunns River Falls, You walk up the falls to the top, I had just had surgery on my spine in my neck & had a full neck brace on.


    Dunn's River Falls Jamaica

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    Beautiful, lordy wouldn't it be so nice to be there now with all the warmth and sunshine. TY

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    Also If you go ther only ride in taxi cabs with red license plates, they are government owned taxis & are safe. If you ride thru the Island you will come across military road blocks, most vehicles are stopped & searched but not the red license taxis. I paid the driver $100.00 & he took us to a private beach with a little hut with an attendant for food or drinks & we had the hole beach to our selves, to do as you please, & I do mean anything you please LOL . Asked him to pick us up at a certain time & he was right on time. The driver & I got to know each other pretty good & he gave me his business card, which he & his brother rent out private homes for vacation rentals. Nice places & are very affordable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by restlesslegs View Post
    Beautiful, lordy wouldn't it be so nice to be there now with all the warmth and sunshine. TY
    We went to the falls in the morning & then took a cattamaran trip with all FREE drinks mostly Jamaican dark rum, well Kay doesn't remember much of that day untill later on she had one hell of a sun burn !!

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    Ouch, sounds like a perfect get away from the world sans the sun burn. Easy to see why you long to go back with such great memories. It will be nice for the two of you to go back. Can I hide in your suit case, better yet your lock box hehehe

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    Hawaii! OK I am getting jealous now Medi, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Hawaii, I can feel the warmth on my skin.

    Your picture reminds me of Wyoming. It is too cold for me now but when I lived there I really enjoyed the peace and solitude. It was so different then here. Laid back, no one was in a hurry, lots of open spaces with awesome sites to see. The sky is so close you feel like you could touch the clouds.

    One time I was driving around, liked to do that a lot out west, and I could see a small rain cloud off to the left. I stopped the car and watched it move across the valley, across the road in front of me. Very surreal watching the lonely little cloud with rain drops falling, sun shinning brightly the bluest blue you can imagine, great white fluffy clouds and the one lone one with raindrops falling.

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