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Thread: Public defender advised a guilty plea

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    Public defender advised a guilty plea

    Randy Otis DePottey, 55, Vassar, was sentenced to 30 days with no credit for time served, 18 months probation for controlled substance delivery/manufacturing 5-45 kilograms of marijuana. He was ordered to pay $1,198 in costs and fines. Does anyone know what recourse he may have ? He got caught with plants outdoors before he had a doctor rec. His public defender had him believing there was no other options and that he would do no time. He now sits in Tuscola Co jail,apparently the defender never even showed up for sentencing.

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    I don't know what he could do about it at this point, after sentencing you are pretty much done unless your attorney can file for an appeal. His sentence is extremely light for what he is charged with, I would probably get a minimum of 5 years for similar charges. It sounds like his attorney was pretty uninterested in the case, and I don't know what if any recourse he would have. Sorry to be of no help.

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