World Medical Cannabis Expo April 5-7, 2013 Piscateway, NJ

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The World Medical Cannabis Expo is the East Coast’s first major trade show for the huge and growing industry which is Medical Marijuana. We are the East Coast’s ultimate destination for people who’d like to take part in the economic boon and important humanitarian aid which is legal medical cannabis!
Whether you’re an exhibitor looking to reach dispensaries, medical practitioners, store owners, entrepreneurs, press and media; or a professional, a legislator, a businessperson, or someone else interested in this major field, you have come to absolutely the right place. You may come from a place where medical marijuana is currently legal; you may be somewhere with legislation pending or working its way towards the state house. There’s no question that medical marijuana is both a major medical aid, and a financial strength. Growth is up in 15 states which passed medical marijuana laws permitting physicians to provide cannabis to ill patients, and that’s just a beginning! Be a part of it – don’t miss this opportunity!
Make connections, network, and find new opportunities here – we are a fertile ground for all aspects of medical marijuana on the East Coast. Our business goal is to help people in this rapidly-growing field gain success in their enterprises. Our informational goal is to break down the negative preconceived beliefs about cannabis and educate policy-makers, politicians, and law enforcement professionals on how they can benefit from a significant revenue source. We are here to take the field of medical cannabis up to the next level and into the future. Join us!
Space is limited! Fill out the application here to reserve your place at this groundbreaking show!