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Thread: I need complete insructions on makeing rso please.

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    Does filtering several times take the green out Stoneage?
    It helps, but I have found the best way to get the green out is to first filter as well as possible. Then let the liquid sit for 3 or 4 days in the jars (I use quarts or 1/2 gallons) the sediment that is left will sink to the bottom, then it is easier to separate. After a couple days, the green color will change to an amber color, at least when using alcohol it will. Then I drain off from the top of the jars, being careful not to disturb the sediment on the bottom. I filter one more time & evaporate the mixture, trying not to exceed 200F. The final oil turns out a dark transparent amber color, which is much more appealing to those who use it instead of the blackish green stuff.

    I think that keeping the jars in the light helps the green color go away, but I'm not sure about this. I just know it changes to amber in a few days.

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    That is great, I thought it only took on more green but it sounds like it must separate itself. Knock me over with a feather! Thanks Stoneage

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    Here is a pic of 2 oz. of Otto #1 bud that was extracted today with 1 quart of 99% iso. It was filtered twice with doubled coffee filters. I will post pictures throughout the process so you can watch the clarity and color change. It should be ready to evaporate in the rice cooker after about 5 days. Stay tuned for more.

    01-08-13 RSO 002.jpg

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    Ohhh Goody I always like the story books that have pics the best.

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    I think this story is going to end rather quickly. I started wondering about the light factor, so I placed one jar of freshly extracted alcohol in a sunny window, and left the other one in the dark. Here are the results in less than 48 hours.

    The jar that was in the sunny window:

    01-08-13 RSO 004.jpg

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    And the jar that was left in the dark:

    01-08-13 RSO 001.jpg

    So now we know how to get the green out.

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    And now the finished product. It is actually more like grease than oil, it has to be warmed up in order to pour it out of the vials. Either that or scooped out with a toothpick or something. My estimate would be a 3:1 thc/cbd ratio on this batch, it has a very nice taste and smell and works very good for pain.

    oil & Buds 1-17-13 001.jpg

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    Please write down your recipe all together if you won't & don't mind sharing

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    Looks very nice and clean. Was this the one you put in the daylight? How much do you get per ounce? That is really cool that the light took the green out! Very good there Stoneage, awesome actually

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    My recipe is pretty close to the RS method, only I use alcohol 99% iso or 90% grain. I only use bud & very trichome covered trim. Sometimes I freeze the alcohol & plant material first & sometimes I don't. My extraction method is simply placing 2 oz of shredded bud & trim into a half gallon mason jar, pour in 1 quart of alcohol & shake vigorously for 2 minutes. Then I pour through a fine screen into a clean jar. The plant material is squeezed in a potato ricer to remove as much alcohol as possible, I usually get about 95% of it back. Then I filter the alcohol through 2 coffee filters, two times. Put tops on jars and let sit in the light, (sunlight works great) until the alcohol becomes a nice amber color. At this point, there is a layer of white sediment on the bottom of the jars, so I siphon off the clear liquid from the top without disturbing the sediment. Then I filter the jars of alcohol through 3 coffee filters and evaporate the mixture in a rice cooker set at 210 F.
    As the level goes down, I add additional jars until they are all in the cooker. At this point, I turn the temp up to right around 300F and try to maintain that temp for 15 minutes. Then I turn back down to 200 to 210 and finish the evaporation.
    When it is nearly done, I add a few drops of water & stir until the oil is the consistency I want, and the water has steamed off. Pretty simple really.

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