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Thread: Cannatonic #4

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    Cannatonic #4

    Whoa just did a harvest of the cannatonic #4 and my house smells like fresh pineapple. Lovely little plant I love you just wish you would grow faster!

    From how I've grown it looks like the best way is to do a sea of green and forget trying to veg her. She just does not like to grow until she hits those hps lights. Might be better to veg her, if you want a bigger plant, under hps she seems to love it. Other then her slow growth she is a pleasure to grow. The smaller plants actually produced more then the one I vegged for awhile.

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    You are getting me excited *boing*. Looking forward to a smoke report......please.
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    Use HPS for veg !! Plants grow like you've never seen them grow !

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    yep smoke report on it's way soon!

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    Thought you needed mh for blue? Am I wrong?

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    can ya tell me how or when the sun turns from MH to HPS ?

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    Using a mh in veg only helps them stretch faster. When u use a hps for vegging u will see great growth but they will not stretch(get tall) (huge inter node distance) as fast as a mh light. Hps vegged plants are thicker, have a short inter-node distance, and will produce more meds in the end over a plant vegged under mh light.

    >>with that said. use both at same time works best<<
    Just my 2 copper coins.

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    I believe using a mh in veg allows for shorter internodal spacing. But...If you were to choose just one to grow from start to finish, veg through flower, it would be the HPS. The plants will still veg. using the HPS although they will grow taller with longer internodal spacing. In contrast, the plants will not flower very well under the MH and it's blue-green spectrum alone.
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    lol...I see my opinion differs from Mr. Greens. I think we need our resident Master Grower Roofrat to check in and get us straight.
    Btw..I use t5's for veg.

    Someone point the RR light at the sky.

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