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Thread: Jax Farmer's Market

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    Trouble is Stoneage, I live in Battle Creek and to go over to Jackson doesn't make much sense unless I can get product the same trip. For right now, with a combination of street pot and some more I found that a care giver was able to give me. (for a donation). ( yes I know it is illegal, if caught I will plead not guilty and plead my case to a jury, tying up the court should be an objective and a priority of anyone caught with pot.) Thanks for the information, if I happen over that way, I will stop and see how it works. John

    Thanks for the phone number, didn't see it when I posted this.
    If you have a valid card, you are protected from prosecution if you obtain meds from any caregiver. With or without compensation.
    The caregiver is not protected from prosecution unless you are registered to that caregiver.

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    I really miss the Jackson Market when Joe and I first started it ....

    I really Miss the Good times we had ...
    I miss passing out my 2 gram Free Samples of Bubba Kush ....

    I missed all the Hugs ... it's been a long time
    A lot of things have changed ....

    Sure hope Joe is hanging in there ?

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    Stone age, that is exactly what I did, for others who might be in the same predicament that I was in, I ran an ad on Craig's list and it worked. Twice now, first guy had a limited amount. Price is higher, which makes it a bit more inhibitive. However, I will cut back some place else. I sure do miss the bi monthly trips to the J.F.M. though, met a lot of nice people there.
    Many of the dispensary's here in Battle Creek are back open but their prices are unmanageable, maybe I should have prefaced this, I am retired on a fixed income. It seems to get less and less every year. I guess I should stop by and go check this site out more often.

    A little political statement here, if I may. Now is the time to find a MM friendly lawyer to run for A.G. here in Michigan, as far as that goes we need to replace those that vote to restrict our access to our medicine simply because of the prejudice against Marijuana. The public is behind us on this. More and more people realize that M. M. is not the same thing as reefer madness. We need to move the old school out and replace them with "our" people.

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