Robert C. Randall Memorial Wellness Center
2208-B East Michigan Avenue, Lansing
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

2:00pm until 3:25pm

This is a support group for parents of youth who are being treated by medical marijuana, as well as for parents who are interested in learning more about medical marijuana and it's possible treatments with youths with chronic ailments.

There will be a room in which the parents will meet, and a room that will have crafts and other things for the children to do. The room with crafts and such is set up to create interaction between the children so they learn that they are not alone and can share their hope with each other.

This group was inspired by Mae Nutt, who fought for her son Keith to have access to medical marijuana to treat his testicular cancer. Thanks to the courage of Mae Nutt, Michigan passed a bill in 1979 that allowed medical marijuana here in Michigan for 5 years that allowed cancer and glaucoma patients to have access to medication.