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Thread: T-Minus 1 hour half....

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    I'm in my armor plated duck boat loaded with mason jars. Food, propane stove, propane heater pillows & blankets. Watertight tarp over the top, lots of lighters and fuel for the outboard. Full luxury all the way, I can float comfortably & smoke well for a good two years. See you around.

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    I thought it was tomorrow.....

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    The 21st, but it could come at anytime today. Who knows, it could be a day or two late even. Someone could have miscounted a day or two in the past 1000 yrs. If you see a duck boat with racks of drying plants for sails, stop by and visit for a while.

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    Going for a cholesterol filled breakfast this am just in case. gonna have that skillet with hash bros and gravy.

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    Let me know when the zombies are sighted.
    King of the Caprines, Boss of the Bovids.

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    Can't take it with you SO LIGHTEM UP !!!!!

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    Did it happen? Is everyone gone? Am I the only one still alive on this planet? I guess I'll have to ask the wife when she gets up

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