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Thread: latest on the orange bud

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    How are the plants coming? I want to see some pictures of that shrub when it starts flowering.

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    They look good, do you have them on 12 hrs yet?

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    Breeder ? as i know some of my gear made its way down there

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerocool View Post
    Breeder ? as i know some of my gear made its way down there
    Orange Bud your gear zerocool? By the way, welcome aboard zerocool, glad to have you participating . If you can provide any information please feel free to contribute

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    cool so how do you like my Gear so far, i am working on some more Gear here soon

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    so far so good still working on ways to help the light pass through.....i have an idea...but i have to go buy supplies...and i need to get time off to build it...i was thinking a light table

    lil sketch up

    now the plant will sit on top of the clear table,switch on the lights...this will give light from under the plant...while i have a HPS above for lighting


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    I bought that particular pack of seeds at the Jackson market, had to be 6 to 8 months ago. I do not remember the guys name, but the seeds I grew from the pack looked nothing like vapors is turning out. Could certainly be your genetics, as they are not mine. I just bought them $25/10 seeds, most turned out quite well too.

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