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Thread: RSO, BHO, Insulin, and Diabetes

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    Finally got back into my diabetic doc yesterday. I see the doctor once a year, that will be my next visit, and the RN with a few more initials beside her name the rest of the year. Mind you I have not went back to this doc since a year ago when I asked about him signing my recommendation and he said we don't prescribe narcotics here.

    It went terrific! My results were great for the diabetes. I probably need to use about 25 Lantus insulin, the long acting one that keeps your base line level, instead of 50 since I am starting to get low sugar with the 50. The pills, for diabetes, will stay the same but No More short term insulin and my weight is almost exactly what it was before I started the insulin! I am not some skinny little thing but she was as happy as I am with the weight. I am comfortable at this weight and she thinks it is a good size for me. Two down! Yea! Went from 300 units a day of the short term insulin, Novolog, 2 100 units of Lantus a day, and 4 Metformin pills to the pills and 1 shot of 50 units of Lantus a day.

    My cholesterol levels are still high at 248 but considering I have not been able to keep them even in the 500's without meds I am very pleased with that number. Trigs are at 180, another one that needs to go down but without any meds except using RSO that is amazing for me. If I can find them I'll post the results for these when I was first dxd with diabetes. We are talking off the charts levels in the thousands! I think with time, and getting my thyroid under control, I can successfully get those numbers down. A really nice thing is they are willing to work with me using Fish Oil and any other natural ways I can find of lowering the trigs and cholesterol without adding any meds.

    My resting heart rate went from 90 to 72. This will improve even more once I take that big plunge to quit smoking. Blood pressure was slightly elevated but hey I am going to tell the doc I use RSO, hehehe, would have expected it to be higher 132/68.

    The RSO has not helped my thyroid at all. This is a med I will be adding back. When your thyroid hormones aren't correct they can effect your blood sugar, trigs, cholesterol, and cause a host of unwelcome symptoms. I am fine with adding this med back and very interested in seeing how it effects my other levels once in check again. The level was over 8 and they want it at 1.

    Kidneys are still working on overdrive. I have kidney damage from the diabetes and right now it seems to be playing havoc. I will be upping my water intake to see if it helps flush them. My potassium level and white blood cell count is up (sometimes my MS does that so it can be difficult to know if I have an infection or not or this could be stemming from my teeth), we discussed it and it might be I am dehydrated and this could be contributing to that. Hopefully that is all that is needed. I use to take a low dose of a blood pressure med that helps protect the kidneys. I'll be going back on it once my potassium levels come down. I am OK with adding this one back too. It is a very low dose and I never noticed any adverse side effects from it.

    We discussed a lot of things. The most wonderful thing about this visit was she is willing to work with me with the RSO, charting my results, while not making me go back on meds. She believes in herbals, wow was I glad to hear that, and has the same mind set I do, that some of these drugs cause more damage then good. She also was a young lovely resident she is training, and yes she is training her right with an open mind! They both listened with wide eyes and big smiles when I told them about RSO and the results so many are having. They want to learn more and she gave me her email addy to send the information to. She was fascinated that I grew and made my own oil. I explained that process to her. We also talked about the need for a network of medical marijuana friendly physicians. I told her about how the doc said we don't prescribe narcotics and asked if she thought he has changed his opinion since last year. She said if he hadn't he would have to after he looks at my results. I could tell both ladies were surprised that he wasn't on board with it cause he is a really easy going and down to earth doc. Bet she educates him about the benefits now. hehehehe

    It was so cool to talk to these wonderful ladies in the medical field about this miracle plant. I was in tears several times, tears of joy, and she was to at one point with big hugs we bonded even more then what we had before. Mind you this is one fantastic gal, we've always had a very open and honest doc/patient type relationship, and this just felt so good to be able to finally open up to her about my use of medical mj., I don't have to hide my use any longer from them. If I can do my part in this and get the right information to them I know they will start doing the research on their own and talk to others about it. Hoping for a nice domino effect, educate the masses one doc at a time. Yea I know, They Call Me A Dreamer hehehe

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    Awesome progress you are making Sounds like you have found yourself a good doctor to work with.
    King of the Caprines, Boss of the Bovids.

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    Thank you for sharing your good news RL!!! I am sooo happy for you, need you around for a long, long time cuz you are so much fun to get in trouble with
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    We gotta find that trouble, it's past due

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    Nice trouble.
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    More trouble
    "If the good Lord's willing, I'm gonna keep on chilling" - Kid Rock

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    Oh baby we gotta dance to that one hehehe I haven't heard that song in awhile. Oh yea been a long time since I had some fun!!!!! You and me could get in some mighty fine trouble hehehe

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    I stopped taking my synthroid and it damn near killed me. I wont do that again

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