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Thread: Booted by pain clinic for positive THC test; what are my options?

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    Booted by pain clinic for positive THC test; what are my options?

    I'm not going to mention the name of the clinic or the doctor involved but my "random" urinalysis turned up THC (they don't know that I'm licensed and - under duress - I signed some agreement stating that I wouldn't use "street drugs") and buprenorphine (Suboxone); a substance which I have never knowingly taken in my life. I didn't even know what it was until I looked it up.

    I've read that DXM (dextromethorphan; found in cold medicine) can produce a false positive for buprenorphine (I had a horrible respiratory infection the week prior to the urinalysis; perhaps this is the cause). I also read that Tramadol can produce false positives for buprenorphine (which I did take on a particularly bad night - I had a prescription for it years ago and the pill was a "leftover" which I kept around "just in case"). The latter information comes directly from the NIH. I doubt they used GC/MS testing; probably just those hopelessly inaccurate "dip sticks" (three brands of which were named in the NIH article).

    Anyway; I am now opiate-dependent (morphine sulfate; 180mg ER and 75mg IR per day) and without a doctor/source. I still experience moderate/severe pain even with the medication. I have degenerative disc disease (bulging discs) with nerve root and central canal narrowing (one disc in particular is "effacing" - rubbing away - the membrane around my cauda equina). Basically; what I'm looking for is a cannabis-friendly pain clinic in Washtenaw County. Oh; and they have to take Medicare (A/B) because that's the only insurance I have right now. I qualify for Medicaid but I don't know where to go to apply in Washtenaw (I moved here about a month ago).

    I only use cannabis (when I can afford it) when the pain is unbearable without it (if you know what I mean; I'm not a daily user and I have no caregiver and no grow and I'm not independently wealthy; my only income is SSD).

    I'd actually taken the last of my "canna-capsules" (which I make myself because no "commercially available" capsules are strong enough to deal with my pain) on the weekend before the urinalysis (so I'm now completely out of cannabis and I think I may have one more month of morphine prescriptions at the pharmacy - unless the clinic called the pharmacy to invalidate them somehow). My plan is to either find a new (more rational) pain clinic and/or use the morphine I have left to wean myself off (which is going to be difficult because, as I said, my pain is moderate/severe and CONSTANT).

    Do I have any options or am I just completely screwed??? Sorry if the thread is "too long" or if it rambles; I've already started weaning myself off the morphine and I can barely think cogently...

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    Hang tight as I'm sure someone from the area you are in can help out and hopefully steer you in the right direction. I'm not good with pills but the Suboxone is taken occasionally by my son who was fiercely addicted to Vicodin. He is much better these days but when he went through the detox part, man that was rough on him and his mother/nurse and his sister/nurse. They kept him on IV drip so he did not dehydrate and kept monitoring him through his hard time. Man I don't wish that on no one. Good luck to you and keep us informed of your journey.

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    Perago my heart goes out to you deeply. I am not in your area and might not be of much help finding a clinic or doc for you. I would like to ask you though if you have tried RSO? It is a much better pain reliever. I will check around and see if I can find anyone with info for you about docs and clinics in your area. Hang in there. ((((HUGS))))

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    @ roofratMI: I hate the morphine but it is a necessary evil. There's nothing that can be done for me surgically (so say four different surgeons). I'm guessing it's because disc fusion is so unreliable (33% "success" rate) and I'm so young (under 40). They're not making much headway with disc replacement, either (an entire lot of them was recalled a short while ago; all patients who got the affected "discs" had to go back for spinal fusion). Besides; I still haven't met a doctor I'd trust to put a knife near my spine. So I take pills and wait for the discs to collapse and fuse on their own (which they eventually will).

    Sorry to hear about your son's problems with Vicodin (that hydrocodone is some nasty stuff). But, as I wrote before, I've never knowingly taken Suboxone in my life (but I do have a couple of ideas - given above - for why I got a false positive for it). Thank-you for your concern and encouraging words. An IRL friend has recommended a practitioner who is very cannabis-friendly/holistic and I think we might just have the "doctor replacement" covered. I'm hopeful.

    @ restlesslegs: Thank-you for your concern. I have used RSO. I've made my own extracts. My "canna-capsules" are 0.15g~0.20g of RSO/extract (depending on the potency of the extract) mixed with just enough shake or powdered bud to get it into a capsule without making a sticky mess. I usually take one or two (along with my normal dosing of morphine) just to get my pain down to an "I can go out and socialize and have a decent time today" level. The doctor who just booted me never properly titrated my dosing and in spite of the morphine I'm still in constant pain...

    Someone a while back brought in come cookies with "way too much" RSO on them into the Jackson Market. I bought as many as I could afford and scraped the RSO off into a petri dish. The next day, I did an experiment using that RSO to see how much I'd need to take to "replace" the morphine. I don't recall the exact amount now but it was well over a gram (and I still had to take some IR morphine for "breakthrough" pain and withdrawal symptoms). There's no way on Earth that I could afford to buy as much RSO as I'd need to replace the morphine. And I have ethical/moral concerns with how most (if not all) of the "commercial" RSO out there is made (using "trim-of-I-dunno" and toxic solvents which are evaporated directly into the atmosphere). And don't even get me started on butane...

    What I'd need to get off the morphine is a reliable, intelligent, dedicated, non-profiteering caregiver who's willing to literally work "with" me from clone/seed to single-strain extraction/encapsulation... I also have an idea for candies that would blow the tops of most people's heads off (like in "Scanners" only not for real). Well, actually, it'd be more like they'd put the candy in their mouth and pass out an hour later (but that's a topic for another thread). Since I'm not likely to find a caregiver with those attributes whose "dance card" isn't full, I'll be sticking to my routine of occasionally using cannabis as a supplement for the opiates...

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    just a note, because you may not be aware of it. Food grade butane, when properly vacuum purged from the oil is not only non-toxic, but very safe for ingestion. Now some of the commercial lighter fluid type butane is not desirable to use for extraction, but many people do use the proper butane, and purge it correctly. I don't blame you for having a problem with some of the solvents used for RSO, as I have a problem with them myself. The safer solvents, such as purified grain alcohol unfortunately leave some of the desirable elements behind in the plant material. Without having expensive laboratory equipment, making high grade and totally safe RSO is difficult. If using solvents such as isopropyl, care must be taken to ensure it is completely removed from the oil.

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