The government will seek to further dilute The Act on Oct 1st. No single person can stop this freight train. It will take the people. Tens of thousands of medical marijuana caregivers have left the program already. The state has shut down. raided, arrested and jailed many dispensaries and their owners. Many patients have been arrested, harassed, beaten and dragged through court. All of this to thwart the will of the people and implement a cash machine for trust fund babies and carpetbaggers.

Because of the positions that I have occupied I have had a front row seat to the devastation and suffering that has been caused by this debacle. Regardless of the intent of those that have facilitated this horror story, it must end. The sick can do little more than struggle against their disease born suffering. This thrashing about of the insanely rich to scrape the pennies from the sick and dying is disgusting beyond words. The original intent of the people must be implemented. Every single change that has been implemented must be rolled back. Prisoners released. Property returned. Compensation paid for damages of property and wellbeing.

I demand that this be accomplished prior to the election. We are organizing our ranks, friends, families and extended networks to vote out every single politician that does not do everything in their power to implement these demands.

The people did not err when they voted for medical marijuana. The political system has failed completely to adhere to the will of the people and honor the vote. November 4th will be the day of reckoning