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Thread: Barter Corner

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    Barter Corner

    If you have something you would like to barter or give to another member please post it here. To stay safe PM the poster if there is a question if it might be legal or not. If the item(s) have been taken please edit your post letting people know.

    I have clones of several strains if someone is in need of plants. Especially those who are just starting out. I am on the west side of the state. If you are interested PM me and I can give you a list of the strains I have. I will have edibles and salves in June/July. I don't have a lot of money but for those who are in need I would only ask for the cost of supplies for the salves and edibles (not the clones) which would be minimal.
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    This needs to be pinned on it's own area so we do not have to search for it.
    Every law that impedes the rights and the freedoms of the people is another step toward dictatorship.

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    If you guys want, I can work on a classifieds section?

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    Sounds good, I am hoping that we as a community can help each other out. I know many who do not have spare cash so the barter system would be nice. Always a place needed for a classified section.

    Something else that might be nice is a section for MMJ friendly workers like the cable guy, electricians, etc. that we have used or if we can be hired to do it for others. I know I won't change my services like the internet since they would be too close to my grow if they had to upgrade or replace anything.

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    I will have clones of cannatonic #4 in June. PM me to set up a time and place to meet. High CBD MM treats many symptoms and does not get you high like THC.

    Don't be shy, no barter exchange is necessary this is for the greater good, paying it forward.

    Have to put this one on the back burner for awhile, booked months in advance for this since the beginning clone was not that big.
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    This thread has been pinned until I can get a more permanent location for Bartering.

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    let me know if you need help setting this up we could set up a link to a private classified section

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    Im a low voltage electrician specializing in camera and alarm systems. I also have high voltage experience but i am not certified.

    If i can help give me a private message.

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    I offer simpson oil for free to any stage 4 cancer victim. I'm treating a brain cancer victim now and the oil has her almost cured now. After 2 months of treatment on the oil only, the brain tumor is almost completely gone. I can only help a couple patients at a time as it takes so much oil but I'll help anyone I can. Yes I said the oil cured her brain cancer. Cured her brain cancer............ At 27 and with 8 small kids she was left to die by her doctors. Then she got a hold of me and we started her on the oil. 1 month out and she was out of bed and 2 months out the brain scans showed the tumor gone so now she is back to being with her kids and going to baseball games and such. Her team of cancer doc's are just speechless as they know she has been doing the oil. They need to be not speechless but yelling this cure from the tops of every dam roof out there.
    Anyways, no barter here I do this always for free no matter how poor I am......... How could I not............

    Exec Dir
    Berrien County Compassion Club

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    Tears of joy Kruzty, tears of joy

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