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Thread: Agent Orange, White Widow and Hash Plant Haze

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    Quote Originally Posted by roofratMI View Post
    Up to 20 strains now I need counseling. HELP me........
    Really.....You're not that bad yet. It must have just turned to the addiction stage recently.

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    Roof man I am already in that institute! Gheese I have had too many to count but just off hand probably about 40 I've had and more then half I've tried. Get em, toss em if they aren't good, grow em twice to make sure there worth keeping, flower the mother out if not worth keeping, keep her in veg if she is great, stress over the fact that damn mother you just flowered out turned out better then any other time you flowered out her in clones, toss some cause you have a chance to get a new one or two you haven't tried, cussing the gov't for only allowing 12 plants per patient, thinking you need to stop looking even peaking at any other breeds, thinking you got it under control and damn it if someone doesn't have something like you've been waiting for all your life and you've got to grow it just once. It is a lovely, wonderful addiction, one of the best I've had.

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