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Thread: Cancer fighting topical oil

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    Cancer fighting topical oil

    This recipe is for one gallon, it can be reduced in volume. The essential oils used in this recipe are all known to combat cancer. It should be applied to the area daily, at least once a day. The combination of an infused topical oil combined with RSO has been proven to work. I put this together for roofrat and I hope this will be shared freely!

    Cancer fighting topical oil

    1 gallon of coconut oil
    4 ounces bud or RSO equivalent
    If using bud decarb at 275 for 30 minutes, add this to the coconut oil and simmer for an hour and half
    If using RSO heat the coconut oil together with the RSO and it will dissolve

    1/2 teaspoon osha root extract
    1 tablespoon Rosemary
    1 1/2 tablespoon clove
    2 tablespoons each of the following essential oils:
    Clary Sage
    Cassia (a form of cinnamon)
    3 tablespoons of the following:

    While the oil is still warm but not hot add the essential oils mix well and can be used immediately. This can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 months. Do Not freeze. It will be soft at room temp and if above 76 it will turn to liquid. The coconut oil without the essential oils heated and added will last for several years once opened if kept in the fridge. The essential oils last about 6 months to a year.

    I need to add Warning to epileptic patients about working with clary sage. It can trigger seizures

    This is for Cancer patients and caregivers of cancer patients. Common sense with anything we use is well just common sense. If there is a question with an herb or essential oil in a recipe always check first for side effects or any adverse reactions you might have.

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    Hmmmm.......looks nice

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    LOL squish. This recipe has more essential oils in it known to combat cancer. I like doing research, duh and found that all of these on their own fight cancer and a few are synergistic so they really boost the power up. Another thing they have found that helps is Tumeric.

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    I'm going to have to buy you a lab coat. Dr. Restlesslegs!
    I was just reading up a bit on Tumeric convincing cancer cells commit suicide last night. Good stuff.
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    LOL Cg. I have learned so much this year about so many ways to use mj, I know I say it a lot but it just blows my mind how awesome this plant is. Utilized in the correct way it can make miracles happen.

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    This formula has more important sebum in it known to battle melanoma. I like doing analysis, duh and discovered that all of these on their own battle melanoma and a few are complete so they really increase the energy up. Another factor they have discovered that allows is Tumeric.

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    My hubby has cancer at the back of his tongue.
    He tried injesting RSO but it stung his mouth badly and it also made the tumor swell so he couldn't breathe.
    So I make a poultice melting the RSO with Vicks Vaporub (to open the pours) and apply it to the inside of his arm because there are a lot of veins close to the surface. We wrap it with a tensor bandage to keep it in place and change it daily.

    After doing this for about 2 weeks, he tried again to take the RSO orally. See my profile to find out the amazing results.
    We are waiting on doctors to approve a breathing tube so he can continue taking the RSO.
    Of course they don't know what he wants to do but the breathing tube from their point of view will be for palliative pursposes, just to help him breathe at night and keep him alive.
    After all, isn't that what the medical community wants, just to keep cancer patients alive?????

    Read my profile then spread the word.
    In the meantime, your thoughts and prayers would be most welcome.
    Thank you

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    That is an amazing story. I hope that the string of good news continues.

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    It was an interesting article to go through with hope that caner patient will get some relief from this oil.

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